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1) Optimizing Logistics: LogiDrive by NORD – A Complete Drive Solution
Release Date 6/14/2024 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

LogiDrive® complete drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS reduce planning and commissioning efforts through cost-effective, standardized designs engineered to industry standards and application requirements. These solutions are especially well suited for Post & Parcel,

2) Unlocking Efficiency: NORD Introduces Gear Motor QR Codes for Faster Access to Product Information
Release Date 5/3/2024 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

If you’ve recently purchased a NORD DRIVESYSTEMS gear motor, you may have noticed a new sticker with a QR code located on the unit. Quick Response (QR) codes can store a wide range of data and enable the user to access information almost instantly. These stickers are a new development in NORD’s expansive ...

3) NORD Offers Optimum Conveyor Functionality with NORDAC ON/ON+ VFDs
Release Date 4/24/2024 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives deliver intelligent control of conveyor systems with an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface to improve efficiency, reduce system variants, and optimize performance.   NORDAC ON/ON+ decentralized variable frequency drives are the latest ...

4) NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Attends MODEX with Dynamic Solutions for Intralogistics
Release Date 2/27/2024 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

NORD’s drive solutions provide intralogistics systems with reliable operation, dynamic control, and long service life to effectively operate with greater system availability.   NORD’s versatile modular product system offers highly configurable, energy efficient, and reliable solutions ...

5) NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Delivers Efficient, Reliable Drive Solutions to Keep the Post and Parcel Industry Moving
Release Date 1/26/2024 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supports post and parcel distribution centers with modular products adaptable to individual application specifications. Their high-efficiency products increase the energy efficiency of conveyor systems, effectively lowering CO2 emis

6) NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Charts a Path Towards a More Sustainable Future
Release Date 11/22/2023 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Since 2021, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been diligently addressing sustainability issues with a dedicated cross-departmental team actively supported by shareholders and management alike. Their Corporate Social Responsibility plan combines economic, profit-oriented development, and environment

7) NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Product Manager for MAXXDRIVE Industrial Drives Receives AGMA Award for Published Thermal Capacity Document
Release Date 11/14/2023 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

This Fall, the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) presented various awards during the 2023 Fall Technical Meeting (FTM) Awards Luncheon in Detroit, Michigan. Along with the Chairperson’s Award, awards were presented to AGMA technical committee members who have published a document within ...

8) Terminal Velocity
Release Date 10/17/2023 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

Imagine filling a football stadium with wheat to a depth of 9.95 feet. That’s 448,000 cubic feet, or nearly 360,000 bushels with a combined weight of 13,440 tons, enough grain to make 19,550,000 loaves of bread. Now imagine completing this gargantuan vessel loading task of 360,000 bushels per hour. ...

9) NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Provides Versatile, Robust Drive Solutions for Bulk Material Handling
Release Date 10/3/2023 Exhibitor NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

NORD’s MAXXDRIVE industrial gear unit series are built to handle the toughest loads and are engineered with an optimized temperature management system to withstand extreme environments.   To meet the requirements of various bulk material handling applications, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS engineers ...