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1) 3D sorter
Exhibitor: Mushiny Robotics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.

The 3D Sorter intelligent seeding system has a larger storage capacity under the same volume, allowing for arbitrary settings of the length, width, and height dimensions of the seeding compartments. It enables ultra-dense and high-flow continuous seeding.

2) Raptor, Adaptive-Labeler
Exhibitor: BlueCrest

BlueCrest specializes in providing comprehensive data-through-delivery technology solutions tailored for the parcel and postal sector. At the forefront of our offerings is the cutting-edge Raptor solution, a pinnacle of speed and intelligence in label application within the current market landscape. ...

3) Servus ARC5
Exhibitor: Servus Intralogistics GmbH

Servus Intralogistics introduces the ARC5, the 5th generation of its intelligent and autonomous transport robots, setting new standards in energy efficiency and sustainability in intralogistics. The ARC5 focuses on efficient, versatile, and convenient use, featuring a modular, low-maintenance design. ...

4) QuickBin Solution
Exhibitor: Quicktron Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd

QuickBin is our patented bin-to-person picking system that redefines order fulfillment. The innovation lies in the mechanism of two robots interacting with storage shelves/racks where the tall C56 picking robot, reaching an impressive 27.2 ft, excels in high-bay storage, efficiently managing the storage, ...

5) C56 Vacuum Gripper Robot
Exhibitor: Quicktron Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd

The Vacuum Gripper Picking Robot is a groundbreaking robotic solution designed for efficient bin-to-person picking in warehouse settings. Equipped with a suction cup-type fork arm module, the robot excels in picking, sorting, and retrieving bins from racks, optimizing order fulfillment processes. Its ...

6) QuickBin
Exhibitor: Quicktron Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd

QuickBin™ is our patented bin-to-person picking solution and stands at the forefront of innovation optimizing warehouse operations and order fulfillment processes. Using robots for strategic storage and seamless transportation of bins to workstations/operators, QuickBin™ boosts productivity, reduces ...

7) EasyReach Telescopic Retrofit
Exhibitor: FMH Conveyors

EasyReach delivers significant enhancements in both ergonomics and productivity for fluid loading and unloading processes. This innovative retrofit is powered by the existing telescopic conveyor and doesn't require a separate drive system. As a result, it can be effortlessly detached and attached to ...

8) Method
Exhibitor: Method Integration Inc.

Method Integration Inc. has redefined operational efficiency in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors. The groundbreaking no-code platform offers unparalleled customization options that let businesses tailor their management systems to their operational needs. Customizing with Method does not require ...