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1) For the first time at a trade show in the USA: TRAPO with End-of-line automation expertise
Release Date 3/10/2022 Exhibitor TRAPO

TRAPO is a newcomer at Modex with its expertise in in an end-of-line solution for the food industry: TRAPO has assumed palletizing, pallet transportation, warehousing, as well as autonomous truck loading with high-performance systems for a manufacturer in the cheese industry.    The company ...

2) Automation humanizes task
Release Date 3/10/2022 Exhibitor TRAPO

Consumers in the supermarket take the choice at a glance for granted: There are six different types of soup to choose from on a tray, a bar with 30 yogurts in many flavors, or a tray with three varieties of instant coffee. For the manufacturer, it used to be a challenge: Employees manually packed ...

3) TIM, the TRAPO Intelligent Management System
Release Date 3/10/2022 Exhibitor TRAPO

TIM was already developed in 2018 in the TRAPO Technical Center for the needs of plant and mechanical engineering, is industry-independent, customer-configurable, connects production plants and includes third-party plants.   TIM monitors processes in production and intralogistics on the ...

4) Enormous lift and extended radius
Release Date 3/10/2022 Exhibitor TRAPO

The HPPS Series high-performance kinematic picker can replace the traditional third-party delta robot in packaging processes, taking on tasks that require high precision and performance. Highly sensitive products and primary packaging in the food industry are handled with particular care - ...

5) This is only available at TRAPO: Choose from three powerful palletizing options!
Release Date 3/10/2022 Exhibitor TRAPO

At TRAPO, we know that high-performance palletizers need to be permanently accurate, gentle on the product, low-maintenance and with short set-up times. Depending on your product, your industry and even the size of your production environment, we offer the optimal palletizing system. The portfolio ...

6) Seamless automation for XXL cheese
Release Date 3/10/2022 Exhibitor TRAPO

Capacity bottlenecks in an XXL cheese plant in Germany made it necessary to build a completely new hall. With TRAPO, the managing director found a partner who impressed with future technology and at the same time decades of experience in hygiene design for care areas.   12,000 tons of ...

7) Automated and safe depalletizing
Release Date 3/10/2022 Exhibitor TRAPO

The high-performance layer depalletizer (HLDP Series) from TRAPO offers several innovations at once: The space-saving arrangement of the modules enables operation at ground level. The performance with up to 90,000 empty cans per hour is impressive. Due to its modular design, the HLDP can also handle ...

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