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1) stow Group Joins Rack Manufacturers Institute of MHI (RMI) as New Member
Release Date 6/6/2022 Exhibitor Stow US Inc.

stow Group is pleased to announce the recent approval of their application to join the Rack Manufacturers Institute of MHI (RMI) at their latest meeting, held May 4, 2022 at the 2022 Spring Meetings in Charlotte, North Carolina.   MHI member companies have the opportunity to join any ...

2) stow announces creation of new stow Robotics unit and acquisition of Raiser Robotics
Release Date 9/15/2021 Exhibitor Stow US Inc.

Spiere-Helkijn (Belgium) – 1 September 2021 – stow Group, a global leader in industrial storage solutions, is announcing the creation of stow Robotics, a new unit dedicated to warehouse automation.   stow Robotics will regroup all existing warehouse automation solutions for both pallets ...

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