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1) Configura welcomes 30 Extensions to the CET Marketplace in 2021
Release Date 1/17/2022 Exhibitor Configura, Inc.

LINKÖPING, SWEDEN—Dec. 20, 2021—Configura, maker of CET software, announced today 30 Extensions joined the CET Marketplace in 2021.   "2021 was an exciting year for Configura and I'm thrilled to see that we've added 30 new manufacturers to our Marketplace", Configura CEOT Stefan Persson ...

2) Configura and Talos Launch Ichor3D, a New CET Extension
Release Date 1/17/2022 Exhibitor Configura, Inc.

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., USA—Dec. 16, 2021—Configura, the global maker of CET space-planning and specification software, and Talos, an international supplier of material handling equipment, announced today they’ve launched a new CET Extension for specifying Talos’s products.   Built on technology ...

3) CET Material Handling software now offers realistic forklift trucks
Release Date 10/5/2021 Exhibitor Configura, Inc.

LINKÖPING, SWEDEN, Oct. 1, 2021— Planning and engineering offices can now use realistic forklift trucks and warehouse equipment for their warehouse planning with CET Material Handling, Configura announced today.    “Using Configura’s software, CET Material Handling, planners are now able ...

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