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1) Automation specialist Grenzebach has strong order intake in 2021
Release Date 3/4/2022 Exhibitor Grenzebach Corporation

HAMLAR / Germany. In 2021, the international Grenzebach Group, headquartered in the German town of Hamlar, saw one of the most successful business years in the history of the company. Dr. Steven Althaus, CEO of the Grenzebach Group, announced that the volume of order intakes was doubled compared ...

2) Smart logistics meets historic architecture: Automated Guided Vehicles interlink post and customs with new mezzanines in the mail center Zurich-Müllin
Release Date 2/8/2022 Exhibitor Grenzebach Corporation

German automation specialist Grenzebach supplies automated guided vehicles and Fleet Manager to automate the intralogistics of the Swiss Post and customs in the letter center Zurich-Mülligen. Gilgen Logistics, Swiss general contractor for warehouse and logistics, develops and provides the corresponding ...

3) Grenzebach sends Würth products on their optimal ways
Release Date 10/13/2021 Exhibitor Grenzebach Corporation

HAMLAR/ KUPFERZELL, Germany. Whether it's a work safety set for Athens, a toolbox for Vienna or a tool trolley for the 24-hour store in Waiblingen: Goods for Würth subsidiaries and shipments to customers throughout Europe are han-dled at the logistics center of the Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG in Kupferzell ...

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