Optimizing Logistics: LogiDrive by NORD – A Complete Drive Solution

Developed for intralogistics, the standardized LogiDrive solution focuses on energy efficiency, variant reduction, and lowering Total Cost of Ownership

LogiDrive® complete drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS reduce planning and commissioning efforts through cost-effective, standardized designs engineered to industry standards and application requirements. These solutions are especially well suited for Post & Parcel, Airport, and warehouse logistics as they are specifically aligned with the intralogistics and material handling requirements of these industries. For each intralogistics area, there are advanced versions utilizing IE5+ synchronous motor technology and basic versions with IE3 asynchronous motors. While LogiDrive advanced drive systems address issues such as energy efficiency, variant reduction, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the basic versions primarily focus on cost efficiency.
Post & Parcel and Airport industry applications such as baggage handling systems, parcel distribution systems, and parcel sorting systems require reliable drive solutions that keep up with their high material flow and minimize downtimes. Advanced LogiDrive systems with IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motors deliver high overload capacity and consistent high efficiency over a wide speed range, even at partial load and low speeds. By using IE5+ motors, systems can achieve significant cost reductions, increase operational efficiency, and provide a fast Return on Investment (ROI).
Both advanced and basic LogiDrive systems feature a compact, modular design with Plug & Play capabilities for simple installation, commissioning, and maintenance. In combination with IE5+ motors, advanced versions for the Post & Parcel and Airport industries also include a NORDAC LINK variable frequency drive and either a NORDBLOC.1® helical bevel gear unit or a DuoDrive integrated gear unit. NORDAC LINK decentralized variable frequency drives are wall mounted and feature an Ethernet interface, PROFIsafe options for functional safety, and PLC functionality for drive-related functions.
Basic LogiDrive versions offer a flexible gear unit selection with an IE3 asynchronous motor and motormounted NORDAC FLEX variable frequency drive. The NORDAC FLEX is NORD’s most versatile VFD with fully scalable functions configurable to specific requirements, an optional Ethernet interface extendable for each option module, and various functional safety options. These VFDs also deliver high precision regulation with POSICON integrated positioning mode to ensure accurate movement in intralogistics systems.
Like the Post & Parcel and Airport industries, warehouse technology such as chain and roller conveyors, belt and pallet conveyor technology, container conveyor technology, and overhead conveyors also require reliable drives with high system operation. Advanced LogiDrive solutions for these specific applications include NORDBLOC.1® helical bevel gear units paired with IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motors, and either a NORDAC ON+ variable frequency drive or a NORDAC FLEX variable frequency drive. This complete solution has a high system efficiency with high overload capacity, a long service life, and low maintenance to effectively power conveyors transporting heavy loads and industrial containers.
NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives were designed by NORD for the special requirements of horizontal conveyor technology and feature a version for IE3 motors (ON) as well as a version optimized for use with IE5+ synchronous motors (ON+). The series is characterized by an integrated multi-protocol Ethernet interface for easy integration into automation systems with required protocols easily set via drive parameters. They also offer Plug & Play capability for quick installation and maintenance, integrated functions to improve conveyor efficiency, and full PLC functionality for drive-related functions.
Basic LogiDrive versions for warehousing also utilize NORDAC ON variable frequency drives for their scalable functionality and dynamic control. In addition to the VFD, the solution includes a UNIVERSAL SI worm gear unit and an IE3 asynchronous motor. UNIVERSAL SI worm gear units provide considerable installation space advantages due to their compact design, flexible input and output options, and universal mounting capabilities. Together, these products deliver a cost-optimized, standardized solution capable of reducing system variants.
Whether your focus is on efficiency, a small number of system variants, or cost effectiveness, NORD has LogiDrive solution that will meet precise application needs. Learn more by visiting www.nord.com.
With more than 4,000 employees, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been developing, producing and selling drive technology for more than 50 years, and is one of the global leaders of full-service providers in the industry. In addition to standard drives, NORD delivers application-specific concepts and solutions for special requirements such as energy-saving drives or explosion-protected systems. In financial year 2017, annual sales amounted to $781 million. NORD now has subsidiaries and sales partners in 98 countries worldwide. The dense sales and service network guarantees optimal availability, enabling short delivery times and customer-oriented service. NORD produces a very diverse range of drives for torques from 88 to more than 2.2 million lb-in, provides electric motors in the power range of 0.16 to 1,341 HP, and manufactures frequency inverters with the required power electronics of up to 215 HP. Inverter solutions are available for conventional control cabinet installations as well as for decentralized, fully-integrated drive units.
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