Modula Launches Its Innovative Modula Next in the US Market

We are proud to announce the debut of Modula Next — the latest addition to the collection of advanced automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) that can help maximize space, improve inventory management and optimize overall warehouse operations.

Franklin, Ohio – April 2024 – Modula, a leading automated storage solutions manufacturer, introduces Modula Next.
Modula Next is the ideal solution that surpasses traditional industrial vending machines by combining the compact design of Modula's Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) with the unmatched precision and control of industrial vending systems.
“This combination opens a wide range of applications and industries, particularly where managing high-value materials with pinpoint picking accuracy is crucial. Modula Next is not just an evolution of our vertical lift module product line; it's a bridge to new industries, where the need for space optimization converges with the demand for precise inventory control.” explains Modula’s Marketing Director Valentina Cecchi.
Modula Next operates on a goods-to-person (G2P) principle. When a warehouse employee requests inventory, the system retrieves the specific tray holding the product and brings it to the picking bay at a comfortable height.
What makes Modula Next a cut above regular Vertical Lift Modules is its selective shuttering door system. This feature displays the compartment with the requested item, adding an extra layer of security to your inventory.
This is particularly valuable for handling expensive or sensitive materials and prevents accidental access to other items in the tray.
Warehouse operators can also modify Modula Next to expose the entire tray or multiple compartments, providing operational flexibility that balances accessibility and security.
Additional Modula Next benefits include:
• Smart system combination
• Flexibility and customization
• Versatility across industries
Application Across Industries:
The precision, flexibility, and capacity of Modula Next make it an ideal choice for industries requiring stringent inventory control and quick access. From manufacturing to healthcare, and aerospace to retail, its benefits cater to a diverse range of sector needs.
Special Applications:
Consignment Inventory Management: Offers efficient service and precise tracking, enhancing supplier-client relationships.
Storing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Ensures quick, secure access to essential safety gear, maintaining compliance and equipment quality.
Dispensing Kitted Components: Improves task-specific efficiency by securely storing and dispensing complete kits.
Securing Sensitive or High-Value Items: excels in managing high-value items, providing unmatched security and traceability. Its targeted access control and enhanced inventory security features make it an indispensable tool for industries handling valuable or sensitive materials.
So, how can Modula spread the word about their new technology? “We aim to offer a hands-on experience with Modula Next at our upcoming fall trade shows. This offers a unique opportunity for businesses to witness its innovative features firsthand.” Valentina shares.
About Modula
Modula is a leading manufacturer of automated storage solutions, designed to optimize space and improve picking and storage operations for any industrial sector or environment. Modula vertical lift module (VLM) line maximizes the storage potential of high-ceiling facilities, securing items in enclosed units up to 54 feet tall. Our horizontal carousels are ideal for low-ceiling environments, as well as those seeking maximum throughput. For both solutions, automated delivery dramatically increases productivity and saves operators from unnecessary bending, walking and reaching for parts. 
Today Modula counts on more than 30,000 customers around the world and 4 production plants in Italy, US (Lewiston, Maine & Franklin, Ohio), and China. In addition, Modula has a network of eleven subsidiaries (located in France, UK, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Germany, India, Singapore, Australia, Colombia, and Mexico) and more than 100 authorized dealers all over the world. This guarantees a local presence to clients, allowing the company to serve all markets in a personal and timely manner.
Valentina Cecchi
Marketing Director

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