Meet Qursor: AFORMIC's Smart Software Solution for Autonomous Internal Logistics Management

Duncan, South Carolina, March 13, 2024 – AFORMIC automates internal logistics by providing an autonomous material handling system and a rich fleet of customized next-generation F-series autonomous mobile robots (AMR).
AFORMIC, a leading provider of Autonomous Intralogistics Solutions, presents its cutting-edge smart intralogistics software and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for flexible manufacturing and warehousing at Booth A9822 during MODEX 2024.
Meet Qursor and Take Intralogistics Management to the Next Level
The AFORMIC’s smart robotics solution is a proven choice for real-time intralogistics management, by providing automation in material handling to reduce operational expenses and increase efficiency in manufacturing and warehouse processes. The solution includes an AI-powered integrated software management system called Qursor, as well as customized next-generation AFORMIC F-series AMRs.
“AFORMIC is delivering a Smart Factory Fleet Management Package and customized autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which elevate intralogistics management to the next level. We understand well that the key to agile manufacturing lies in a deeply integrated intralogistics software suite with the factory environment. Therefore, the core of AFORMIC Intralogistics Solution is an AI-powered autonomous intralogistics software system named Qursor,” says Tim Meyer, Vice President of AFORMIC.
Autonomous Material Handling Management: One System Making the Right Decisions
AFORMIC's unique business strategy aims to perfectly tailor the solution to the individual needs of each company. Customization applies to both the software system and the mobile robots from the AFORMIC AMRs family, as well as other devices and equipment that are part of the vehicle's setup. The AFORMIC team ensures full integration of the solution with plant systems, enabling smooth flow of information and efficient, error-free deliveries by AMRs in dynamic environments.
„Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, our AMR vehicles can be managed autonomously by the Qursor system, that is, without operator supervision. Our advanced software ensures smooth communication with any production and warehouse management systems, as well as real-time process monitoring (RTLS). Qursor can ultimately manage the entire intralogistics. Indeed, we can integrate our solution with the entire factory and warehouse environment, including the traffic control system, access management to special zones, and many other processes. This unique solution opens up entirely new possibilities for automatic management of material flow and logistics at large,” says Tommie Watts, Vice President of Sales and Automation, AFORMIC.
Visit us at Booth A9822 at MODEX 2024, to learn how to optimize your manufacturing and warehousing and discover the future of intralogistics with AFORMIC's AMR-based Intralogistics Solution.
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Aformic Inc. is a robotics smart solution provider that brings intralogistics operations to a higher standard. An innovative, comprehensive software platform with factory fleet management combined with a family of customized AMR transportation robots is now within reach to serve your business needs. As a subsidiary of AIUT, a Poland-based, international provider of integrated solutions for industry, Aformic Inc. has been established as a local engineering center to provide real-time support, development, and assistance throughout the entire system life cycle. With over 30 years of industrial engineering expertise, AIUT delivers advanced solutions in the automation and robotization of industrial processes, as well as state-of-the-art EAM/CMMS asset management systems. The company specializes in designing and turn-key implementation of robotic production lines and workstations, control systems, industrial electrics and automated warehouse and material handling solutions.
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