Fives Intralogistics Partners with Freespace Robotics to Drive the Adoption of High Speed & High-Density Automation in Warehouse Operations

Fives Intralogistics Corporation ("Fives"), a globally recognized leader that transforms supply chain facilities, continues to expand its capabilities in Automated Storage and Retrieval (AS/RS) with the announcement today of its Teaming Agreement with Freespace Robotics, a pioneering manufacturer of robotic storage and retrieval systems for supply chain, logistics and material handling operations worldwide.
Through the mutual exchange of know-how and technical expertise as well as a deep understanding of customer needs and market demands, both companies will strengthen their position as key players in warehouse automation, collaborating on opportunities in sectors including retail, warehousing, and defense logistics.
Freespace Robotics' innovative approach to AS/RS is complementary to Fives' solutions portfolio and will allow Fives to broaden its offerings to help its customers meet the challenges of omnichannel automation. The relationship with Fives will give Freespace Robotics the extra boost needed to build strong customer relationships in the United States, where Fives has a leading position.
"The Freespace team brings a fresh and compelling approach to warehouse automation along with some of the most innovative concepts and designs for flexible and scalable AS/RS solutions. We see incredible opportunities for our customers to add capabilities that, until now, were not as feasible or affordable. Along with their product innovation, their strong team and business model positions them well for success, and we're excited to work together," said Fives Intralogistics Corporation Interim Chief Executive Officer Jeff Gavenas.
"We are grateful to have Fives as a strategic partner, supporting us to advance the development and accelerate the adoption of our solution," said Freespace Robotics CEO Dr. Robert J. Szczerba. "Fives' long history as a supplier and systems integrator of advanced automation technologies signals a trust and loyalty built over time, and we are grateful they see potential in what we are building. Their deep understanding of customers' processes and objectives allows us to align our capabilities and shape our solutions to meet general and bespoke customer needs more closely."
Freespace Robotics has developed an autonomous storage cube that leverages advanced robotics to store and retrieve goods in new and different ways, enabling its robots to handle either trays or totes across a broader range of sizes and weights - in the same cube. These capabilities, along with others, help Freespace Robotics offer customers a premium solution for optimizing order preparation that is not only fast, dense, reliable, and scalable but does so with easier brownfield installations – and without dependency on battery power. This represents the next generation of automated storage and retrieval system.
About Fives’ Smart Automation Solutions Division
With 2,000 employees in Europe, Asia, and North America, Fives’ Smart Automation Solutions Division provides and integrates high-end automation solutions with a broad portfolio of proprietary technologies and software intended from retail and distribution to e-commerce, food, 3PLs, parcel and postal, as well as airports and various manufacturing industries.
About Fives
As an industrial engineering Group with a heritage of over 200 years, Fives designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrial players in various sectors such as steel, aerospace and special machining, aluminium, the automotive and manufacturing industries, cement, energy, logistics and glass.
The effectiveness of its R&D programs enables Fives to design forward-thinking solutions that anticipate industrials’ needs in terms of profitability, performance, quality, safety, and respect for the environment.
In 2022, Fives’ turnover was €2 billion, with over 8,500 employees in some thirty countries.
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About Freespace Robotics
Freespace Robotics is a warehouse automation company with a reimagining of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) that are space efficient and high-speed, capable of high-volume movement of goods, in nearly any size, shape, and temperature environment. We are a robotic automation and AI company laser-focused on delivering cutting-edge advances in order-fulfillment and movement of goods. Freespace Robotics us based is based in Pittsburgh, PA a globally recognized leader in industrial automation and AI. To learn more about Freespace Robotics, please visit
Investment: Matthew B. Wachter
Pilot/Sales: Karl Sanchack

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