Reshape Automation New Partner in North America

We are proud to announce the selection of Reshape Automation as a Robotize Partner to sell, deploy, and service the GoPal AMR solution across North America

Dan Hasley - Regional Sales Director, NA at Robotize stated: "During my previous roles in the industry, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of automation in manufacturing. Reshape Automation's platform is a remarkable step forward in this evolution. Their AI-driven marketplace is not just innovative; it's a practical solution that meets the real-world needs of manufacturers. This collaboration between Robotize and Reshape Automation represents a synergy of cutting-edge technology and market know-how, poised to make a significant impact in the industry.  Robotize's expertise in developing advanced and easy-to-use AMRs for internal logistics complements Reshape's vision of making automation simpler, more accessible, and beneficial for all kinds of manufacturers and warehouse operators."
Anders Pjetursson, CEO at Robotize, said: “We are really excited to add Reshape Automation to our excellent team of global Partners and appreciate their exciting new platform which will feature our GoPal AMR system.”
CEO & Co-founder of Reshape Automation, Juan Aparicio added, "I'm thrilled to announce our collaboration with Robotize. This partnership accelerates our mission to revolutionize manufacturing automation, especially for SMEs. Robotize's expertise in crafting AMRs for efficient internal logistics aligns perfectly with our drive to streamline automation. Their GoPal series, known for its safety, scalability, and versatility, aligns perfectly with our mission to offer simple yet powerful automation solutions. This partnership is a stride towards simplifying complex automation challenges, ensuring that the highest standards of efficiency and safety are accessible to those who need them most."
About Reshape Automation
Reshape Automation is a newly launched robotic and automation company specializing in the needs of small and mid-sized manufacturers. The team brings decades of experience deploying robots in manufacturing across the United States. Reshape provides an end-to-end platform for manufacturers to deploy critical automation in their factories. Manufacturers can discover, design, purchase, and get support for their automation projects, all in one place. As part of the platform, Reshape operates a dual-purpose marketplace, powered by an AI assistant, connecting manufacturers seeking automation with automation companies, including system integrators and automation solutions vendors. Reshape Automation specializes in an array of tasks including machine tending, palletizing, packing, boxing, trimming, and quality inspection. Catering to the manufacturing and logistics industries, the company is set to become the go-to place for comprehensive automation solutions.
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