ROYPOW Showcases Advanced Lithium Material Handling Power Solutions at Modex Exhibition 2024

Atlanta, Georgia, March 11, 2024 – ROYPOW, a market leader in Lithium-ion Material Handling Batteries, showcases their material handling power solutions advancements at MODEX Exhibition 2024 at the Georgia World Congress Center.
Live at the exhibitions, you can see the Newest ROYPOW UL- Certified Forklift Battery. A few months ago, two ROYPOW 48 V lithium forklift battery systems achieved the UL 2580 certifications, marking a milestone in safety and reliability. To date, ROYPOW has 13 forklift battery models ranging from 24 V to 80 V that are UL certified and there are more models currently undergoing testing. This certification underscores ROYPOW's commitment to meeting the highest industry standards for power systems, ensuring safe and efficient operation in material handling.
"We are proud to showcase our progress," said Michael Li, Vice President of ROYPOW. "Our goal is to provide solutions that enhance operational safety and efficiency in material handling environments and we are continuously striving to fulfill our commitments to our clients."
ROYPOW also features an expanded lineup of forklift batteries with voltage systems ranging from 24 V - 144 V. The expanded offering will supply all 3 Classes of forklifts and overcome heavy-duty material handling performance challenges in different scenarios such as cold storage. High customization capabilities ensure that ROYPOW delivers tailored solutions that optimize performance and efficiency to meet the unique requirements of various industries and applications. Businesses can confidently tackle daily tasks while maximizing uptime, overall productivity and profit. Each ROYPOW battery boasts world class standard designs, including the self-developed BMS, hot aerosol fire extinguisher and low-temperature heater, that separate ROYPOW from most providers.  
In addition to the forklift product line, ROYPOW will showcase their popular lithium solutions for aerial work platforms, floor cleaning machines and golf carts. Notably, ROYPOW golf cart batteries have become the #1 brand in the U.S., leading the transition from lead acid to lithium.
One-Stop Premier Solutions and Services Worldwide 
To achieve its vision of energy innovation for a cleaner and more sustainable future, ROYPOW has branched into various industries beyond motive power solutions. ROYPOW offers energy storage systems covering residential, commercial, industrial, vehicle-mounted, and marine applications. The latest DG ESS hybrid solution, designed to complement diesel generators, achieves up to 30% fuel savings, making it ideal for off-grid industrial applications such as construction, motor cranes, mechanical manufacturing, and mining.
ROYPOW's competitive edge extends beyond its comprehensive lithium solutions to include technological innovations, industry-leading manufacturing and testing capabilities, as well as excellent local sales and after-sales services guaranteed by decades-long experience. With subsidiaries in the USA, Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Japan, Korea, Australia, South Africa, and offices in California, Texas, Florida, Indiana, and Georgia, ROYPOW offers quick responses to market demands and trends.
More Information
MODEX attendees are cordially invited to booth C4667 to witness firsthand the advanced technologies and discuss how ROYPOW lithium solutions can elevate material handling operations with Mark D'Amato, ROYPOW Sales Director, Industrial Batteries for North America, who will share his exceptional experience and market insights on site. 
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