Green Cubes Announces Full Swappable Power Platform for Medical and Industrial Mobile Workstations

Complete "swappable" power solution including 290 WHr battery, power system controller and charger, enables electrification of non-powered OEM mobile workstations

KOKOMO, Ind., March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Green Cubes Technology (Green Cubes), a leader in producing lithium-ion power systems, today announced its swappable battery platform, a complete pre-engineered energy storage power system available to mobile medical or industrial workstation manufacturers to save time and money for their product's system design.
The swappable battery platform consists of three components: a core battery assembly, a power system controller and a standalone charger that can be directly integrated into multiple portable applications. This system allows for up to three batteries on the platform to be hot swapped to provide uninterrupted power to the end devices.
The battery is pre-engineered and manufactured by Green Cubes. The lithium iron phosphate battery pack stores 290 Whr of energy for the power system and features battery management, state of charge, state of health calculations, and delivers performance for over 2000 cycles.
The charger can support up to four bays in a desktop or wall mount configuration. Using field-tested communication and battery management technology, each battery is charged independently to maximize efficiency and minimize user downtime.
"Designed with the OEM in mind, the Green Cubes swappable battery platform is configurable and can be easily incorporated into a comprehensive solution to provide the necessary power, facilitating integration with new or existing applications," said Joe Richards, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Green Cubes.
The Green Cubes swappable power platform exceeds the highest performance and regulatory requirements for mobile equipment manufacturers.
"With the option to operate multiple batteries in parallel, manage hot swapping on-board, this comprehensive power system optimizes operator ergonomics, cart efficiency and extended run time for our mobile medical workstations," said Jean-Paul Deeb, New Product Development Manager for TouchPoint Medical.
The Green Cubes swappable battery platform includes:
• Pre-engineered package
• Flexible configurations of one to three batteries
• Hot Swap capability
• 290 Whr of energy storage per battery
• 2000 + Cycles
• Output 120VAC 60Hz
• Output Power up to 150 Watts
• Typical runtime on a single fully charged battery up to 10 hours (@ 25 watts)
About Green Cubes Technology
Green Cubes Technology develops and manufactures safe and reliable electrification solutions that enable its OEM and enterprise customers to transition from Lead Acid and Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) power to Lithium-ion battery power. Green Cubes utilizes proven hardware and software platforms to build the most reliable Lithium power solutions in its industries. With over 300 employees across six countries, Green Cubes has been producing innovative, high-performance and high-quality power solutions since 1986. 
Hayley Luz
Green Cubes Technology

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