Praxie Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage

Partnership strengthens Praxie’s ability to support our current and future customers in rapid business transformation with our AI-Powered Digital Transformation Software Platform, at scale

San Francisco, CA — Praxie Inc. announced today that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as a Global Google Cloud Build Partner giving Google Cloud customers the ability to achieve rapid business transformation with our AI-powered manufacturing processes and workflows.
Praxie’s Software-As-A-Service Platform contains a Digital Manufacturing Suite of applications and a globally scalable no-code platform for custom digital business transformation.  Praxie’s technology powers manufacturing digital transformation, helping manufacturers create and implement strategy and operations 10x faster with 10x impact compared to other systems. 
Designed by top manufacturing, Lean, and Six Sigma experts, Praxie’s AI-powered platform provides breakthroughs for implementing:
• Toyota Kata
• Lean Manufacturing
• Six Sigma 
• Lean + Six Sigma
• Manufacturing Execution functionality
Manufacturers can build their own manufacturing operating system using apps that are integrated in workflows and data, while digitally connecting existing systems of record, or with batch ETL.
As a Google Cloud partner, Praxie offers customers dozens of integrated, out of the box applications from Generative AI Co-pilot, Executive Dashboards & Key Performance Indicators, Kaizen Six Sigma Manufacturing Software, Huddle Boards, Maintenance Manager, PFMEA Manufacturing Software and more. Key features include:
• Digital Order Transformation
- Available-to-Promise Transparency
- End-to-End Order Orchestration
- Dynamic Downstream Integration and Enterprise Visibility
- Globally Transparent Inventory Insight
• Manufacturing, Innovation and Change Transformation
- Proposes design variations using machine learning
- Create KPI dashboards for plants, areas, lines, cells, & more as easy as PowerPoint
- Manage and track your project portfolio
- Enables simultaneous updates and viewing for real-time collaboration
- Offers adjustable software application templates for diverse manufacturing needs
- Strategic Projects Management functionality
- Incident Tracking and customizable incident report templates
- Work Instructions that enable real-time operator feedback for continuous improvement
- Logs detailed maintenance history for trend analysis and audit compliance
- Ranks failure modes by impact and likelihood to focus on critical issues
- Drive Intelligent Digital Transformation with software emulating the most popular transformation models (OEE, GR&R, SQDC, SOP, 5S, QFD, OKRs, OGSM, VSM, RACI, BMM, KANO, and Catch Ball - Hoshin)
Praxie's software transformed our operations, enabling data-driven decisions and streamlining our manufacturing process.
Dylan Hoback, Program Manager at Accu-Tube
About Praxie
Praxie Inc.’s founders and team include serial entrepreneurs and industry experts with deep understanding of the challenges that organizations face in today’s disruptive world. With subject matter expertise in the fields of strategy, innovation, business process management, and technology, Praxie team has secured numerous Fortune 1000 clients as part of its beta launch.
The company is currently privately held. For more information and to setup a demo, visit
Soren Kaplan
Praxie, Inc.

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