Is Your Racking Fire Code Compliant? Frazier Awarded Patent for Pallet Spacing System & Method

Long Valley, NJ – February 7, 2024 - Your racking may no longer be code compliant with the introduction of updated, strict Factory Mutual (FM) Global and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code regulations. Frazier Industrial Company, leading manufacturer of structural steel storage solutions, has been awarded a new Pallet Spacing System & Method patent as part of Frazier’s response to these updates. The patent will be a key value add across our semi-automated, high density rack solution, the Pallet Mole®.
Updated fire codes dictate that rack systems will require ceiling sprinklers when storage depth is over 20’ (and over 25’ in storage height for NFPA guidelines and/or any storage height for FM Global guidelines), and pallets must maintain a 6” space from one another in the front-to-back direction. Otherwise without this 6” spacing, an in-rack sprinkler system will be required. Users are also required to maintain 6” spacing in vertical alignment to allow ceiling sprinklers to quickly distribute water through the product area in the event of a fire. As a result of these updated code requirements, current racking designs within many warehouses may not be compliant. This latest Frazier patent helps address these risks for our customers.
Frazier’s patent accurately manages uniform spacing of 6” between each pallet placed along the length of the rack isle depth. Flue spaces must be maintained throughout the height of the rack to achieve a vertical spacing for each level to match that of level one. While most deep lane shuttles can make adjustments to provide the 6” horizontal spacing, vertical alignment is often a challenge to achieve. Ultimately, this innovative patent provides end users both safety and business optimization within their warehouse. The patent award that Frazier has received is a guarantee that we have completed all the requirements and applications to ensure that the solution is code compliant and that customers should feel confident in its use within their warehouse. This system is the first solution of its kind in response to issues that have persisted for several years and is another example of Frazier’s continued thought leadership within the supply chain.
Come see and learn more about the patent during MODEX 2024. Frazier is located at Booth #B9404 at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 11th-14th.
About Frazier Industrial Company
Frazier Industrial Company’s 75 years of robust history has led us to become the largest producer of 100% hot rolled structural steel pallet rack systems in North America. With ten manufacturing plants across the United States, Canada and Mexico, Frazier is able to offer structural steel systems, the most durable and abuse-resistant material available in the industry, at a more affordable price when compared to roll-formed without sacrificing the quality and strength of our pallet rack. Frazier offers a wide range of storage solutions from standard pallet rack to complex pick-to-belt towers and AS/RS installations. Frazier's expert team of engineers will help each customer design the best, most cost-effective material handling solution. New warehousing operations choose Frazier because the long-term costs of our storage rack systems are less when compared to roll-formed uprights needing continual replacement. By partnering with us, Frazier’s customers gain tremendous value both in their business operations as well as overall safety.
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