Sitma Showcases Automated Mailer Systems at MODEX 2024

Atlanta, March 6th, 2024 - Sitma, a leader in packaging and sorting systems, is set to showcase its market leading automated mailer systems at MODEX 2024, the premier event for the supply chain industry, taking place on March 11th-14th, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Attendees are invited to visit booth C6068 to explore Sitma's fully automated modular technology to remove poly from your outbound ecommerce fulfillment processes with paper, curbside recyclable, right-sized mailers. Sitma is committed to support your ESG compliance priorities.
Sitma’s advanced packaging automation solutions address key challenges faced by warehouses and deliver the following key benefits:
1. Increased Throughput: Sitma's packaging automation solutions accelerate order fulfillment by efficiently handling routine tasks at a consistent pace, far surpassing the speed of manual plastic packaging with pre-made bags and over-sized, corrugated boxes.
2. Reduction in Labor Challenges: Sitma's packaging automation solutions alleviate the burden of physically demanding tasks that traditionally rely on intensive manual labor. By doing so, they effectively mitigate the challenges posed by high turnover rates and labor shortages.
3. Value Added Features: Sitma's Track and Trace, Print-on-Demand, Automated Document Insertion, and Automated Returnable Mailer solutions enable retailers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to seamlessly integrate customer invoices and targeted marketing messages, enhancing brand value with sustainability, and driving sales with personalized packaging.
4. Future Proofing: Sitma's packaging automation solutions offer scalable flexibility for evolving warehouse environments, seamlessly integrating additional module automation into operations without requiring extensive overhauls in automating the Last 100 Feet of your warehouse.
Sitma's showcase features the e-Wrap system, a sustainable pack-to-size mailer packaging system designed to meet the changing demands of e-commerce. By integrating eco-friendly materials like organic heat-sealable paper and padded curbside recyclable material, the e-Wrap system replaces conventional pre-made poly bags. Its custom-sized packaging capabilities maximize space utilization and minimize material consumption, aligning seamlessly with Sitma's dedication to reducing environmental impact.
Visit Sitma's booth at Modex to discover more about our comprehensive range of e-commerce automated mailer systems, including our market-leading Fast Pack system platform. Explore how advanced features such as track and trace, document insertion, print-on-demand, automated returnable mailer, labelling, and sortation ensure seamless monitoring and packaging production management of your fulfillment operations.
For more information about Sitma's diverse range of packaging solutions, please visit
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