CaPow to Showcase Zero Downtime Power Delivery Technology for Mobile Robots at MODEX 2024

CaPow’s unique power delivery system for robots in motion, Genesis, eliminates charging downtime, reducing the total-cost-of-ownership by an average of 32% while cutting operational losses related to automation by more than 50%

[Be’er Sheva, March 4th, 2024] – CaPow, a provider of power-in-motion solutions for mobile robots, today announced that it will be hosting a live demonstration of its solution, Genesis, at MODEX 2024. With CaPow’s patented system, mobile robot fleets can remain operational 100% of the time with zero throughput losses, enabling warehouses and manufacturing facilities to operate at optimal levels of efficiency.
As part of the demonstratachieve and Genesis system will power two mobile robots of different makes and models while in motion, refuting the claim that minimal downtime is the best-case scenario that robots can achieve, and proving that it can be eliminated entirely.
The logistics industry is projected to be valued at 18.23 trillion USD by 2030. Despite this, the industry is still struggling with inefficiencies that until now have been unavoidable, namely charging downtime and the cost of additional robots to enable seamless 24/7 operations. The dependency on static charging, even when optimized, comes at an operational and financial cost. Deploying CaPow’s solution can reduce the total cost of ownership by an average of 32% while decreasing operational losses related to automation by more than 50%.
CaPow’s Genesis solution ensures 100% operational uptime for an entire fleet of robots, by providing energy while en-route. CaPow not only eliminates the need for extra robots to compensate for charging periods but also frees up valuable operational space previously occupied by charging stations, enabling better usage of available facility space for revenue generation.
"We are excited to showcase what we have achieved at MODEX, to enable people who have long believed the vision of eliminating charging downtime to be a dream to see that it is becoming a reality,” said Professor Mor Peretz, CEO and Co-Founder of CaPow. “Genesis introduces a new operational efficiency equation, redefining the industry standard to be 100% uptime for 100% of your fleet. With the demand for robot-fueled operations growing across all industries, from logistics to manufacturing to retail and more, the costs of not having the robots you paid for available for you when you want them has never been greater.”
Fully scalable, Genesis seamlessly integrates into both existing and newly designed mobile robots. With a hassle-free transition for warehouse operators CaPow dramatically reduces upfront costs by removing the need to invest in additional fleets, charging stations, or third-party logistics providers. With constant energy delivery in place, CaPow provides the flexibility to optimize not just robots, but the entire operational area.
The live demonstration at MODEX will be at booth A12320, and it can be seen in action here.
About CaPow
CaPow is a pioneer in the field of power delivery for robots in-motion. Facilitating a revolutionary perpetual power solution, CaPow changes the way automated solutions are designed and deployed, allowing automated robotic fleets to reach constant 100% throughput by eliminating downtime. A leader in the field of warehouse and fulfillment automation, CaPow is revolutionizing the logistics industry with 24/7 operational efficiency. Based on decades of research backed up by an extensive patent portfolio and a team of scientists, CaPow’s technology redefines automated fleets’ power delivery strategy, simplifies infrastructure installation, and establishes headache-free deployments.
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