Yard Management Solutions Launches New Features to Lower CO2 Emissions In The Supply Chain

Atlanta, Georgia, February 1st, 2023 — In response to the urgent call for heightened supply chain sustainability, Yard Management Solutions (YMS) is proud to announce pioneering sustainability features that aim to significantly reduce carbon footprints across the supply chain. In today's landscape, sustainability is not merely a concept; it's a shared responsibility. YMS's innovative yard management software offers a strategic approach to reducing CO2 emissions by optimizing move management, enhancing yard visibility, and maximizing space utilization.
Traditional operations often involve unnecessary moves across facilities, consuming fuel and contributing to increased emissions. Yard Management Solutions ensures that upon arrival at the gate, trailers are automatically directed to the spot closest to their dock door, strategically minimizing the distance drivers need to move trailers within the yard.
Without YMS asset visibility, drivers spend excessive time and emit unnecessary emissions searching the entire yard for a single trailer, without knowing its exact location. Yard Management Solutions offers real-time asset visibility, allowing drivers to pinpoint the exact location of every trailer in the yard. This not only reduces emissions but also enhances operational efficiency by eliminating aimless driving in search of trailers.
A standout sustainability feature of YMS is its ability to assign moves to the nearest driver using GPS technology, minimizing the distance traveled between moves. This not only ensures efficiency but also contributes significantly to reducing emissions.
The real-world impact of these features is substantial. Drivers cover less distance and make fewer moves each day, leading to increased productivity and, most importantly, a significant drop in CO2 emissions. Industry leaders have already experienced remarkable changes with YMS:
"We've seen huge CO2 savings from the 30% reduction of trailer movements."
- Nathan Smith, Michelin
"Hostlers now avoid unnecessary trailer movements across the yard, cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions."
- Elijah Robinson, ColdPoint Logistics
These testimonials highlight the tangible benefits of Yard Management Solutions in creating a more sustainable and optimized yard. YMS is not just a software solution; it's a commitment to environmental responsibility and efficiency in industrial operations.
About Yard Management Solutions
Yard Management Solutions (YMS) is a leading provider of innovative yard management software designed to optimize supply chain operations. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, YMS offers cutting-edge software that not only enhance efficiency but also significantly reduce carbon emissions within the logistics industry. For more information, visit www.YardManagementSolutions.com.
Victoria Papadelis
Director of Business Growth

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