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Join Frazier at Booth #9404 During MODEX 2024

Long Valley, NJ – February 28th, 2024 – Start your engines for MODEX 2024 by racing over to Frazier Booth #B9404! In the competitive world of supply chain, your warehouse can Be Fast or Be Last! If you are looking to get in the fast lane, choose Frazier’s Storage Solutions to make your warehouse up to 30% more productive and profitable. Ongoing booth demonstrations will highlight strategies to maximize space, improve throughput, increase order picking efficiency and decrease labor costs with Frazier’s Structural Racking Solutions That Last.
Frazier showcase systems include:
Pallet Mole® - With the latest technology in high-density, semi-automated storage, the Pallet Mole® optimizes floor space while measurably increasing productivity. The Pallet Mole® has several key features including a magnetic latching system and entry guide design. They allow users to safely move the unit and properly place product loads, respectively.
Frazier has been awarded a new Pallet Spacing System & Method patent as part of Frazier’s response to updated, strict Factory Mutual (FM) Global and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code regulations. The patent will be a key value add across our Pallet Mole® rack solutions to precisely space pallets with the required spacing from one another in order to be code compliant.
Ergo Deep® – The Ergo Deep® is an alteration of the Ergo Beam®, part of Frazier’s line of ergonomic products. Developed in response to customer needs for an advantage when picking heavy cases, Ergo Deep®’s pallet locations sit at a low level while also enabling workers to seamlessly walk through the rack – from one row to the next. Since its launch in 2015, Frazier has completed several successful projects across different parts of North America.
ASRS & High Rise Systems - The trend toward automated storage technology continues as manufacturers and distributors seek improved productivity with maximum space and order efficiencies. Frazier will feature some of their high rise ASRS projects along with a video presentation showing the timelapse construction process of a recent high-rise rack supported building project.
Unique Rack Designs – Frazier has the engineering knowledge, experience, and know-how to design and implement unique rack solutions for special applications, such as cold storage. Such systems can help users to maximize storage utilization, increase safety and more.
Wire Screen –Frazier’s Wire Screen allows customers to find success increasing safety, maintaining warehouse capacity, and eliminating costly deck replacement within their operations. Unlike industry standard wire mesh decks with an external flare style, the Wire Screen utilizes an internal flare (tuck-in) style. This innovative design overcomes the challenges of warping decks and jagged wires that may cause damage, injury, and increased expense.
To learn more about additional Frazier Storage Solutions being showcased at Frazier Booth #B9404, please visit Frazier’s exhibitor page on the MODEX Show Website at: mx2024.mapyourshow.com/8_0/exhibitor/exhibitor-details.EXHB-20955.
Diane Domingues
Vice President of Marketing & Customer Service
(908) 876-3001

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