BALYO Revolutionizes the Move to Robotics for High Bay Storage Warehouses and Distribution Centers at MODEX 2024

Empowering the vertical pallet storage revolution - robotic narrow aisle high reach robot

[Woburn, MA, February 29] – BALYO, a trailblazer in transforming standard forklifts into autonomous driverless forklifts, is set to showcase the future of vertical pallet movement and storage at MODEX 2024, Booth C8669. Under the spotlight will be BALYO's revolutionary robotic narrow aisle high reach robot, the embodiment of simplicity and efficiency in autonomous pallet storage and retrieval.
Maximize Existing Space & Racking:
BALYO's reach robot is not just a machine; it's a beacon lighting the way for companies to embrace a vertical pallet storage revolution. With the capability to pick pallets up to 1.7 tons to a towering height of 36 feet, this slim infrastructure-free autonomous robot operates in aisles of only 9’9” wide – the narrowest in-aisle turning space for high-reach robotic forklifts. This gives warehouses maximum space utilization, without the need to re-layout and re-install existing racking, which saves both time and money.
The Apex of Intelligence & Safety:
This robotic wonder operates with the highest level of intelligence, using advanced LiDAR and a proprietary SLAM navigation algorithm. This combination allows for infrastructure-free localization and navigation with the highest degree of safety. The robot is further complemented by 3D cameras and sensors to safely recognize and handle virtually any globally-used pallet type. 
The Message from BALYO’s Chief Sales Officer, Mark Stevenson:
"Smart companies are scaling up - not out! The vertical revolution is here, and the key to safely and efficiently navigating it is to automate the storage and retrieval of goods," declares Mark Stevenson, BALYO’s Chief Sales Officer. 
"BALYO robots operate at the absolute highest level of both safety and mission accuracy.  Moving complex manual forklift operations to automated pallet transportation and storage is easy, fast and the ROI impact is compelling.  For example, a typical end-of-line to storage flow can be installed and running in as little as a few weeks, with minimal disruption to on-going operations. The shift to robotic operations is a no-brainer in overcoming labor challenges, and maximizing storage space utilization in existing facilities without expensive and production-invasive changes. BALYO is already helping our clients do this all over the world. "
Simplifying Change, Inspiring Progress:
Stevenson reassures, "BALYO is here to dispel the legacy “fear of change” that somehow automating is complex, risky, and expensive.  Many of our clients feared they did not have the expertise to automate pallet transportation and storage, and did not know where to start, or that changing existing processes is risky. Our robots can be running in weeks, not months. Our stock inventory of standard robots, simple tools and quick-start processes empower users to take charge of the transformation. Change has never been this easy."
Digital Twins So You Know Before You Go:
At MODEX 24, BALYO will bring the reach robot to life, showcasing real-world pallet storage and retrieval scenarios. BALYO experts will demonstrate tools like BALYO eBudget for straightforward scoping of robotic projects. BALYO will also demonstrate their Road Editor software, which creates a digital twin of any space to create circuit planning and mission management so you “know before you go” on every project. 
A Legacy of Innovation:
With nearly 20 years of experience, BALYO's unique software has evolved to turn standard electric trucks into standalone intelligent robots, accelerating the gap between manual and autonomous operations. This technology doesn't replace people; it liberates them to focus on improving operations and engaging in truly value-added activities.
A Symphony of Solutions:
The reach robot is just one note in BALYO’s symphony of sustainable robotic solutions, including stackers, counter-balanced robots, tuggers, pallet jacks, and a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) robot reaching heights of 56ft.
BALYO's global headquarters are in Paris, with operations spanning the USA, Singapore, China, and Australia.
Join BALYO at MODEX 24, C8669, and be part of the revolution that elevates materials handling to new heights.
BALYO, C8669
MODEX 2024, C8669 Atlanta, GA
About Balyo  
Humans around the world deserve enriching and creative jobs. BALYO believes that pallet movements in DC and manufacturing sites should be left to fully autonomous robots. To execute this ambition, BALYO transforms standard forklifts into intelligent robots thanks to its breakthrough Driven by Balyo™ technology. The company’s leading geo guidance navigation system enables robots to locate their position and navigate autonomously inside buildings without the need for any additional infrastructure. To accelerate the material handling market conversion to autonomy, BALYO has entered into two global partnerships with KION (Fenwick-Linde's parent company) and Hyster-Yale Group. A full range of globally available robots has been developed for virtually all traditional warehousing applications; Tractor, Pallet, Stackers, Reach and VNA-robots. BALYO and its subsidiaries in Boston and Singapore serve clients in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The company has been listed on EURONEXT since 2017 and its sales revenue reached €24 million in 2023.
Rob Patey
BALYO Marketing Director
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