ColdPoint Logistics Doubled Their Productivity and Eliminated Spoiled Product with The Implementation of Yard Management Solutions

Atlanta, Georgia, February 1st, 2023 — ColdPoint Logistics, a leading cold storage company, has successfully overcome operational challenges by implementing Yard Management Solutions (YMS). Prior to YMS, manual yard management procedures led to delays, inefficiencies, and increased costs.
YMS Strategy:
1. Real-Time Visibility: YMS provided ColdPoint Logistics with real-time trailer location visibility, eliminating manual checks and improving accuracy.
2. Streamlined Operations: YMS enabled efficient coordination, reducing labor hours and idle time by assigning trailers to specific docks and zones.
3. Accurate Trailer Tracking: With YMS, yard drivers quickly locate trailers, reducing the time spent searching for misplaced trailers. 
4. Detailed Reporting: YMS accurately tracks container and reefer storage durations, allowing them to charge customers and carriers for extended yard storage. 
5. User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive YMS interface facilitated quick learning, simplifying training and daily operations.
Results Achieved:
1. Driver Moves Doubled: YMS increased daily moves from 20-30 to 45-60, demonstrating significant productivity improvement.
2. Increased Throughput: YMS enabled more loads to move in and out of doors and facilities.
3. Revenue Growth: Precise container storage monitoring allowed for accurate billing, contributing to revenue growth.
4. Fuel Efficiency: YMS optimized yard driver movements, reducing fuel consumption and contributing to cost savings.
5. Swift Dock Door Access: Wait times at the dock doors have been drastically minimized. Dock personnel no longer endure lengthy delays while yard drivers search for trailers or struggle to locate the correct dock.
6. 90% Improvement In Locating Trailers: YMS reduced misplaced trailers from 15-20 per day to just 2-3.
7. Spoilage Prevention: YMS’s temperature monitoring and precise trailer tracking eliminated the risk of spoiled products.
8. Future Enhancements: YMS’s detailed reports provided comprehensive tracking and visibility, empowering ColdPoint Logistics to make data-driven decisions for future operational enhancements.
9. YMS Super Fans: ColdPoint Logistics actively recommends this software to their customers and others in the industry, reinforcing its value as a game-changing solution for yard management.
“Efficiency has gone through the roof! Now hostlers aren’t spending 30 to 40 minutes trying to find a trailer so they're actually able to complete double the moves.”
- Elijah Robinson, ColdPoint Logisitics
“It’s super easy to find where trailers are located. From the yard driver’s standpoint, they can complete their moves significantly faster.” 
- Paul Wallace, ColdPoint Logistics
“We always know where our trailers are. We don't have to worry about lost product and we have completely avoided any lost products since the system has been implemented. We’d be lost without it”
- Paul Wallace, ColdPoint Logistics
About Yard Management Solutions
Yard Management Solutions (YMS) is a leading provider of innovative yard management software designed to optimize supply chain operations. For more information, visit
Victoria Papadelis
Director of Business Growth


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