Mid America Paper Recycling to Educate MODEX 2024 Visitors on Increasing Revenue from Recyclable Waste

Chicago — February 27, 2024 — Mid America Paper Recycling (MAPR), one of the largest independent brokers, processors and exporters of recovered paper in the Central United Sates, will exhibit at MODEX 2024, March 11-14, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, in booth B7054. Mid America will highlight its first-of-its-kind Waste Audit, an initiative focused on tracking and increasing the value of the recycling waste streams generated by logistics firms, commercial printers and paperboard converters. 
Hosted by The Material Handling Industry of America, the MODEX show/conference will feature advancements in supply chain solutions, materials handling equipment, services, technology and logistics and smart systems.
“MODEX 2024 will allow us to educate our customers and attendees about the hidden benefits of their recyclable waste,” explains Don Gaines, CEO of Mid America Paper Recycling. “We plan to do the same with visitors to our booth and explain the tremendous value in adopting a continuous improvement plan for their waste streams.”
Mid America works closely with many operations creating a customized, continuous improvement process that identifies where their waste is generated, establishes key collection procedures, and sets objectives that continually improve their waste stream’s revenue contribution to their business. “No other company offers as comprehensive and value-added a solution,” Gaines said.
Mid America exhibit staff will be available to fully describe the recycling program, explain its many benefits, how it works, and illustrate why it is a key component for all types of companies, from small and newer businesses to the well-established Fortune 500. The innovative recycling management program helps producers build a scorecard process by benchmarking, monitoring, and continuously upgrading their recycling operations to help them achieve their sustainability goals and grow the financial worth of their waste.
“Recyclable materials can be wasted, which doesn’t meet anyone’s environmental goals,” Gaines notes. “But we show companies how their waste can be a significant, value-added contributor to their profitability if professionally managed. We target hidden savings opportunities in an operation’s indirect costs using our innovative Waste Audit process. When we introduce and outline the Audit with plant operations personnel, it gets them thinking, triggering discussion and raising questions.”
Mid America shows producers how they can grow the worth of the recyclable waste produced. Gaines says it is an important and detailed process that begins with how the waste is generated and where it flows through a plant, to how loads of the recyclable waste materials are shipped and how all of the steps within the recycling process can be improved to accrue more revenue per ton.
Taking Mid America’s free Waste Audit Survey is the first step on the path to recycling improvement. Easy to use, the survey takes only 10 minutes to fill out, but is comprehensive in scope. 
Because manufacturing operations often create tons of waste each year, – ranging from pre-consumer, high-grade recyclable paper to production trim and paperboard – Mid America’s Audit Process can help these operations realize significant revenues.
“Continuous Improvement is so important today in many areas of an operation,” Gaines said. “We designed the Audit to bring this same strategic process to a recycler's current waste handling practices and build a smart program that continuously improves the worth of their waste.” 
To learn more about Mid America’s continuous improvement initiative and the Audit, stop by booth B7054 and take the Waste Audit survey or go online to visit www.surveymonkey.com/r/MAPRAudit
About Mid America Paper Recycling
Founded in 1926, Mid America Paper Recycling is a fourth-generation leader in the recycling industry, and provides solutions for partners ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations. Its robust program features a new benchmarking audit, consultation services, documentation, quantification and presentation of the specific and overall values that can be realized from customer waste streams. To learn more about the free waste audit and Mid America’s other environmental initiatives, call 773-890-5454 or visit www.midamericapaper.com.

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