Simulating Sustainable Mailers Just Got Easier with Paccurate

Paccurate has released a new simulation model for PacSimulate, that allows shippers to quickly evaluate the transportation cost and environmental impacts of adopting paper mailers. In collaboration with Georgia Pacific (GP), PacSimulate users can now quickly analyze the impact of adding GP’s popular EarthKraft mailer to their packaging lineup. This is in addition to the dozens of available simulation models already available, which were used to analyze 14.5 million shipments last year.
For every 1 million packages shipped, Paccurate saves roughly 26 acres of cardboard due to right-sizing packages and cost efficiently packing shipments. Paccurate’s Packing Intelligence Platform consists of two solutions working in tandem:
Paccurate’s API is a fast and flexible packing decision engine. Unlike legacy solutions, PacAPI considers your real-world costs (including materials, labor, even the obscure breakpoints in your unique carrier rates) to find the optimal way to pack every order. Capable of 10,000 calculations per second, PacAPI can be leveraged during the order wave process without slowing down an operation. Display or print helpful 3D instructions at your pack stations, or make box-making machines smarter. Best of all, it’s easy to integrate with an existing shopping cart, WMS, and other systems.
PacSimulate is a unique tool which allows you to simulate millions of parcel shipments in order to: 
- Identify which cartons to add or remove from your mix, or start from scratch and determine your optimal seasonal or year-round box mix.
- Predict the cost and environmental impact of box-on-demand machines, and determine where to most effectively deploy them in your operation.
- Evaluate the downstream impact of changes to your SKU mix, accurate to the cubic millimeter.
Georgia Pacific has produced over 1 billion EarthKraft mailers, making them one of the most popular mailers on the market. Their popularity stems from how well they protect items in transit, and the convenience of curbside recycling that consumers love. With a click of a button, you can see the impact EarthKraft mailers would have on your parcel shipping operation. Whether reducing Scope-3 emissions from materials is a key performance indicator (KPI) this year, or reducing transportation costs is a priority, (or both) PacSimulate can help you intelligently adjust your carton and mailer suite accordingly.
Paccurate is the only cost aware cartonization platform, with the power to identify your ideal carton suite and efficiently pack orders in real time. For a live demonstration of the platform and how to experiment with packaging changes, integrating box-on-demand machines, and more, visit
Chelsea Tarr
Marketing Manager


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