New Age Industrial to Showcase Exciting New Products & Next-Level Aluminum Material Handling Solutions at MODEX 2024

Norton, Kansas – February 19, 2024 – New Age Industrial, a leading manufacturer of aluminum material handling solutions, is set to showcase its latest innovations and unveil exciting new products at MODEX 2024, the premier manufacturing and supply chain event. MODEX 2024 will take place March 11-14, 2024, at the Georgia World Congress Center, in Atlanta, GA. Visitors can explore New Age's cutting-edge solutions at Booth #B2619.
Aluminum Takes Center Stage:
New Age will shine a spotlight on its industry-leading line of aluminum material handling equipment, renowned for its superior durability, efficiency, and ergonomic design. At the booth, attendees can experience firsthand:
Rugged, Long-Lasting Pallets. Featuring a major lifecycle advantage over pallets made from other materials, New Age's Aluminum Pallets offer significant cost savings and exceptional ROI. Explore Tube Frame, Open Channel, Solid Top, Strap Base, Perforated Top, and Customizable Pallets designed to meet diverse industry needs.
Order Picker Platforms. Ideal for use with man-up order picker machines in warehouses and distribution centers, these innovative OP Cages promote operator comfort and reduce fatigue, ultimately boosting productivity, maximizing efficiency, and emphasizing workplace safety.
Versatile Ladder Carts. Renowned for their strength and adaptability, New Age's Ladder Carts are available in various configurations, including different models equipped with customizable options including slanted picking shelves, fold up and spring-loaded ladders, shelf lips up or down, extended push and reach handles, and different handle types.
Completely Customizable Solutions. Uncover heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum solutions that are easy to customize - completely stress-free! Discover unique carts tailored to specific needs with an endless variety of accessories like cupholders, scanner trays, document holders, writing shelves, clipboards, speed cell hangers, ergonomic handles, and more!
Ergonomics Redefined - Safety Features Keep the Workforce Healthy, Saving Both Time & Money!
In addition to these standard and custom products, New Age Industrial is set to elevate the conversation on operator comfort and well-being at MODEX 2024, showcasing a wide range of ergonomically designed solutions designed to promote safety, reduce fatigue, and boost productivity. Visitors to Booth #B2619 can experience firsthand how New Age's specialized solutions prioritize worker well-being through features like:
Lightweight, yet heavy duty construction: Minimizing strain and enhancing maneuverability for improved worker safety and reduced risk of musculoskeletal injuries without sacrificing quality and weight capacity.
Beveled edges, chamfered corners, and ergo handles: Preventing hand strain, and pinch points and promoting smart gripping for safer handling.
Adjustable features: Offering customizable adjustments to components and dimensions to suit individual needs and promote optimal posture.
Anti-slip surfaces: Ensuring secure footing and reducing the risk of slips and falls.
Matched Machine to Equipment Deck Heights: Matching the man-up order picker machine deck height with Order Picker Platform deck height eliminates a trip hazard when operators transition between the OP machine & picking platform while non-slip grip tape on the platform prevent slips & falls.
Ergonomic designs: Incorporating unique details such as ergo handles that promote proper ergonomics to reduce biomechanical stress and maximize operator comfort. 
Beyond individual product features, New Age Industrial will demonstrate how their solutions integrate seamlessly into workflows, optimizing efficiency and employee well-being simultaneously. Whether you're seeking to improve picking accuracy, boost warehouse operations, or simply prioritize a safe and comfortable work environment for your team, New Age's ergonomically focused approach offers a compelling solution.
Launching New Products on the show floor!
Adding to the excitement, New Age will be formally launching a huge line-up of groundbreaking new products at MODEX 2024. These game-changing solutions will redefine efficiency and optimization within the material handling landscape. Featured new products include Custom Order Picker Platforms, a Solid Top Aluminum Pallet, Robotics Pod, Walkie Rider Order Pick Station, Raised Picking Pallet, and a Double-Sided Slant Shelf Picking Cart with an Ergonomic Handle.
"We are thrilled to showcase a comprehensive line of aluminum material handling solutions at MODEX 2024," said Tom Sharp, Vice President at New Age Industrial Corp. "Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in each and every product we offer. We are confident that attendees will be impressed by the cutting-edge, aluminum equipment featured in our booth, both established solutions and exciting new product launches."
Transform your warehouse with industry-leading aluminum solutions. See New Age Industrial at Booth #B2619, MODEX 2024.
About New Age Industrial
New Age Industrial is a leading aluminum extruder and fabricator of storage and transportation equipment in the United States. They design and manufacture heavy duty, yet lightweight aluminum products for various industries including foodservice, supermarket, and material handling. The products are easy to customize to fit a customer’s exact needs. For more information, contact New Age today, and their team of experts will be happy to assist you. Visit online at or call 800-255-0104.
Megan Keiswetter
Marketing Manager


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