New Product Release: Launch into Orbit™

Every day, we see more and more examples of people improving operational efficiency, keeping people out of harm’s way, and working for brighter futures with Spot. So today, we’re excited to announce new features and enhancements that help you tackle your toughest challenges with Spot.
Introducing Orbit™: a window into your robotic world. Get a top-down view of your robots at work in real-time and access a whole new suite of fleet management capabilities.
Fleet Management
Monitor live robot locations, active routes, and inspection data within the visual context of your facility. Integrating Spot into your day-to-day operations is intuitive with Orbit’s
map-based interface.
Mission Planning
Author, modify, and schedule autonomous robot missions from your desktop. Tell Spot specific days, times, or frequencies to deploy and build
in blackout dates like weekends
or maintenance periods. 
Remote Operation
Manually operate Spot from anywhere to investigate assets at remote, unmanned, or dangerous locations.
Alerts & Work Orders
Get customized alerts when Spot detects anomalies. Track historic trends and patterns and use APIs to automatically generate work orders when repairs are needed.
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