Novel Destuff-it™ Machine by Gorbel® Primed to Shake up Supply Chain Industry at MODEX 2024

Engineered to load an unload trailer or floor-loaded products, the Destuff-it™ offers an ergonomic solution for an industry facing rapid growth amidst labor shortages

Rochester, NY & Atlanta, GA – Gorbel®, a leading material handling innovator headquartered outside Rochester, is set to exhibit its groundbreaking Destuff-it™ machine at the highly anticipated MODEX 2024 supply chain industry trade show in Atlanta from March 11-14.
The Destuff-it™ represents an ergonomic approach to material handling, defined by semi-automation that assists workers instead of displacing them. Featuring an adjustable hydraulic platform, the machine allows one or two workers to precisely position themselves against floor-loaded product walls for efficient handling. Instead of repetitive reaching or bending, the Destuff-it™ brings workers to the products to significantly reduce strain and fatigue.

This is revolutionary for operations dealing with a high-volume of trailers and labor turnover, especially in warehouses or distribution centers. “Most containers and trailers are floor-loaded, meaning there are no pallets, just boxes stacked from the floor to the ceiling,” said Vice President of Sales and Customer Experience PeteFriedrich. “It's a tiring job to do if you're just heaving boxes all day long with no assistance from any other kinds of equipment.”

Gorbel® is excited to exhibit the Destuff-it™ at MODEX 2024, along with their renowned Overhead Solutions, and showcase how these innovative products align with their mission to “Improve People’s Lives.” Attendees can experience live demonstrations and interact with a team of product experts.
About Gorbel®
Gorbel® is a leader in overhead material handling, ergonomic lifting, and industrial fall protection. Our mission is to “Improve People’s Lives,” and that principle informs our product line-up and dedication to providing world-class service. With over 40 years of experience, Gorbel® has established itself as a key player and innovator in the overhead and warehouse solutions industries. We offer a wide range of systems, from long-standing Cleveland Tramrail® patented track cranes to new age intelligent lifting devices like the G-Force® and Easy Arm® articulating jib. Gorbel® entered the warehousing industry in 2020 with the Destuff-it™ portable ergonomic conveyor system, which assists workers when loading/unloading trailers. No matter the industry or application, Gorbel® is committed to offering the highest quality equipment and providing an extraordinary customer experience.
About MODEX 2024
“As the speed of manufacturing and supply chain operations continues to accelerate, building a more agile, efficient and transparent supply chain depends on today’s forward-thinking decisions. MODEX 2024 brings the entire industry together to provide end-to-end solutions for your operations... Over 45,000 manufacturing, supply chain and transportation professionals will attend seeking solutions for their operations from traditional equipment to sustainability to automation, robotics, and emerging tech.”
Hosted March 11-14 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.
Sarah Weise
Gorbel® Inc. 

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