Smith Corona Utilizes Groundbreaking Freezer Adhesive Labels That Stick at - 40 Degrees

Innovative adhesive technology revolutionizes cold storage labeling

CLEVELAND, OH – January 9th, 2024 – Smith Corona, a leading provider of labeling solutions, is proud to celebrate the success of its breakthrough freezer adhesive labels. Developed with cutting-edge technology, these labels can be applied in extreme temperatures as low as -40, setting a new industry standard.
Smith Corona utilizes a unique hot-melt freezer adhesive formula that adheres strongly to a variety of surfaces commonly found in cold storage environments. The labels are designed to withstand freezing temperatures and maintain their legibility and quality throughout the product's lifecycle.
Smith Corona's freezer adhesive labels have undergone rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance. The extensive field tests at reputable partners such as Pierre's Ice Cream and KeHe Food Distributor facilities have proven their labels’ unmatched performance.
Initially, Pierre's Ice Cream, who had been using Smith Corona’s all-purpose labels, required a more robust solution for cold storage demands. Smith Corona decided to pivot and innovate their own proprietary freezer adhesive.
The result was transformational; unlike other suppliers' labels that failed to adhere, Smith Corona’s creation excelled, displaying extraordinary adherence even when applied in the frigid conditions of negative 40 degrees. Not only did the labels stick impeccably, but the tack out time was significantly reduced, further evidencing the superiority of their in-house adhesive technology.
"Usually, people have to apply freezer labels at an ambient temperature, or somewhere slightly below freezing. Once they allow it to wet out, the label will stick. But Smith Corona's freezer adhesive is so advanced that it can be applied in negative 40-degree environments, and it will stick!" said Benny Bonanno, Senior VP at Smith Corona.
They freeze rapidly and maintain their integrity and adhesion properties even after defrosting, leaving no residue or quality loss. This groundbreaking technology allows cold storage facilities, distribution centers, and food industry professionals to streamline their labeling processes and improve overall efficiency.
The significance of these adhesive labels cannot be overstated, especially for the food industry. As the industry places a high emphasis on preserving the freshness and quality of perishable goods, reliable freezer storage is of paramount importance. Yet, the challenges of labeling in extreme cold environments have often hindered efficiency and caused unnecessary expenses.
Smith Corona's innovative freezer-grade adhesive labels tackle this problem head-on. They are not only resilient in sub-zero temperatures, but also ensure a secure bond, preventing labels from falling off and resulting in misidentified or lost inventory. This, in turn, reduces waste, increases efficiency, and saves costs. The groundbreaking technology also shows great promise for enhancing traceability, an increasingly crucial aspect in the food industry, allowing for precise tracking of goods throughout the supply chain. Thus, these labels represent a significant leap forward in ensuring quality control and efficient operations in cold storage environments.
"We are proud to be able to provide our customers with a labeling solution that offers such versatility and reliability," added Bonanno. "Our freezer adhesive labels have been highly recommended by reputable companies such as KeHe, and we are trusted by the most prominent cold storage facilities."
With the continued success of its freezer adhesive labels, Smith Corona once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and addressing the evolving needs of its customers in the cold storage industry.

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