stow Group Presents a Seamless Collaboration of Racking and Robotics Expertise at MODEX 2024

Romeoville, IL, USA —February 1st 2024— stow Group, a leading supplier of advanced racking systems and accessible automation and robotics solutions, is presenting its premier brands, stow and Movu Robotics, under one roof for the first time ever at MODEX 2024, which takes place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA on 11-14 March 2024.
Booth B6008 (in hall B) will be a vibrant showcase for stow Group, which will include live demonstrations of racking, automation and robotics systems. From bin storage via precise piece picking, to efficient pallet transport and strategic pallet storage, the exhibits will play out like a harmonious symphony of logistics expertise in both Racking and Robotics. 
In the dynamic world of warehouse operations, stow Group is the embodiment of long-term expertise, high quality, and reliability. MODEX 2024 is a significant milestone marking the next phase for the Group and, through spotlighting the power of expertise and innovation in action, it sets the stage for a promising future. 
Harmonizing the reliability of traditional racking systems with cutting-edge robotics automation, stow Group provides a ‘one-stop shop’ for autonomous sub-systems. By combining the best of racking and robotics, it creates successful and seamless integrated warehousing solutions for customers seeking efficient logistics operations. 
As a global leader in warehouse storage solutions, stow delivers innovative and reliable racking systems, ensuring easy and swift installation. Its global network of factories accelerates supply times and offers localized support for an unmatched storage experience. 
At its core, stow specializes in the development, manufacture and installation of top-quality solutions. The company’s offering is a guarantee for performance and quality, which has been finely crafted over 40 years, and provides a precise, robust and enduring foundation for all warehouse racking needs, setting the stage for seamless warehouse integration. At MODEX 2024, the international scope and a strong portfolio of benchmark projects will be presented by a collection of showcases with customer in all industry sectors. 
Sharing the stand, stow Group’s new brand, Movu Robotics will present for the first time ever a unique technology showcase including the full portfolio. Movu throws the spotlight on democratizing automation and robotics through making it more accessible and possible in all kinds of warehouses. Going beyond offering a single robotics product, Movu produces cutting-edge sub-systems for automated storage and retrieval of bins and pallets as well as automating piece picking and internal transport to create a symphony of automated solutions. 
Providing flexibility and scalability, Movu’s easily adaptable cutting-edge robotics systems work in harmony with existing infrastructure, with its intelligent robots handling diverse loads for an efficient warehousing future. Visitors will be able to see how Movu software coordinates and monitors the shuttles and mobile robots, ensuring a smooth flow of materials with realtime visibility of the system. 
As demonstrated in the different material flow showcases on the stand, the solutions are a practical, accessible reality rather than a futuristic concept. Movu’s goal is to upgrade the world´s warehouses through the power of easier automation, ensuring that no warehouse – irrespective of its size, shape or use – is left behind. 
With stow providing excellence in established racking systems and Movu Robotics, pioneering accessible automation and robotics technologies, stow Group seamlessly merges the finest elements from the worlds of racking and the robotics. Being a trusted partner with the gravitas of a global player and the agility of a start-up, the Group offers unparalleled reliability. Experts from both stow Group brands will be on hand to discuss how its solutions, which have improved efficiency for customers in a variety of sectors, can serve your requirements. 
Jos de Vuyst, CEO of stow Group commented: “We are excited to present for first time ever both Group brands, stow and Movu Robotics, together on our booth at MODEX 2024. We look forward to not only presenting the long-term experience and global footprint of our racking business, but also showing visitors how they can access innovative and accessible warehouse automation solutions. The technology showcases will be outstanding performances of material flows, which will feature the entire robotics portfolio of Movu, for both bins and pallet transportation and storage. The stow Group brands integrate storage systems alongside autonomous sub-systems, with proven software interfaces. Such a fusion of strengths ensures that each element works in harmony, crafting a smooth and efficient orchestration of warehouse operations.” 
About stow Group
stow Group is one of the world leading suppliers of racking and automated storage solutions. The core activity is the development, manufacturing and installation of top-quality systems and solutions for warehouse operations. The company employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. In 2023, the Group generated sales of almost $1 billion. It has an extensive pan-European manufacturing presence with nine production sites and a global distribution network. stow Group has two independent brands under its roof: stow and Movu Robotics, both headquartered in Belgium. 
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