Features on ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Automated Parcel Sorting Systems Worth Checking Out at MODEX 2024

If you’re looking for the latest productivity features for automated parcel sorting systems at this year’s MODEX 2024 show in Atlanta, stop by ID Parcel & Mail Solutions booth #A13014. We are continually enhancing our Packet Parcel Sorting System (PPSS) offerings with features that help make the systems more productive. We would be happy to discuss the latest available technologies, and how they could potentially affect your operation. Below are three features that we are currently incorporating as options on our PPSS.

Omnia Wheel Directional Sorter
OMNIA™ multi directional tables send parcels in any direction and can be combined to achieve a range of complex manipulations to divert, sort, merge, align, rotate and singulate with precision, at any angle. Key benefits include increased throughput, easy maintenance, and compact design for smaller spaces. The ID Parcel & Mail Solutions engineers can integrate this new sorting solution to provide for a variety of system layouts, sorting containers, and material handling needs to meet each customer’s sorting system requirements.

Datalogic 3610 Dimensioner
The DM3610 is a compact, overhead dimensioning unit that automatically measures the length, width, and height of packages as they are transported on a conveyor. Key benefits of this technology include increased throughput, accuracy, and traceability. With the ability to provide Legal for Trade dimension data on cuboidal and irregular packages depending on configuration, it provides enhanced data from the PPSS at a great price point.

Automatic Print and Apply Labelling Applicator Systems
Automatic labelling systems add an extra level of efficiency to your automated parcel sorting production. The system works by first scanning the package to determine the location where the label should be applied. The PPSS then aligns one of the print and apply label applicators to the appropriate position and applies the label with precision.

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions recently incorporated automatic labeling into a new Packet Parcel Sorting System (PPSS) for a customer who required relabeling for final mile delivery. In this case the barcode scanning and dimensioning system determines the location of the current label and provides the coordinates to the PPSS. The PPSS then aligns one of the print and apply label applicators to the appropriate position so as to apply the new label on top of the existing label.

Key benefits of automatic labeling include reduced labor costs, the ability to process more packages per hour, reduced errors, and better label placement.

Those looking for the latest features, affordable, high-quality automation sorting solutions for lower volume applications, or for those that need to supplement existing larger systems, should consider coming to the ID Parcel & Mail Solutions booth A13014. We hope to see you in Atlanta.

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