Raymond Headquarters in Greene, New York, Celebrates 100,000 Kaizens Submitted

Cross-functional kaizen approach empowers the organization and demonstrates that voices are valued

GREENE, N.Y., January 30, 2024 — Taking continuous improvement and employee empowerment to heart, The Raymond Corporation facility in Greene, New York, is celebrating 100,000 employee-submitted kaizens in operations since introducing the program in 2006. Rooted in continuous improvement, kaizen is based on the idea that small ongoing changes over time will result in significant improvements.
“Demonstrating pure initiative and a collaborative nature, the Greene, New York, operational team deserves great recognition for 100,000 kaizens submitted,” said Tony Topencik, vice president of operations, quality and EHS at The Raymond Corporation. “Raymond encourages its employees at all levels and tenure to submit kaizens they believe will help improve their departmental processes. With each kaizen that is selected and acted upon, it further demonstrates to team members that their voices are valued.”
Submitting kaizens is not mandatory at Raymond, but they continue to see employee engagement with this process. Kaizen submissions even withstood the challenging times of COVID-19 and continue to foster connectivity and culture within the organization.
The Greene, New York, operation consists of 28 departments and over 2,900 employees who submitted at least one kaizen. More than 80% of kaizens submitted have so far been implemented. In total, 5,427 days were saved by eliminating waste and improving processes through kaizens. In total, across Raymond, which consists of 110 departments spanning three locations, the company has secured 19,883 days saved, with 4,384 employees having submitted at least one kaizen since 2006. The Raymond Corporation is tracking toward hitting 150,000 kaizens enterprise-wide within the year and sees, on average, 843 kaizens submitted monthly.
“Kaizen is a foundational part of Raymond Lean Management (RLM), which is built on the proven foundation and principles of the world-renowned Toyota Production System. The program teams up with associates across the organization — from the manufacturing floor to office departments, dealerships and more — to coach them on continuous improvement concepts,” says Topencik. “All associates are given the opportunity for hands-on learning and mentorship. The process empowers employees to find opportunities for improvement and instills a culture of continuous improvement.”
Employees receive well-deserved recognition during a monthly review, where four implemented kaizens are selected. Implemented kaizens shine a light on the employees who submitted their work, with a presentation by Raymond’s president & CEO, VP of operations, director and senior manager for the area, and direct supervisor. The kaizen winner talks about their work and receives both a monetary award and a certificate of recognition.
“At Raymond, we believe in celebrating excellence at every level. Our monthly kaizen reviews recognize our employees' hard work and innovation and exemplify our commitment to continuous improvement. Implemented kaizens are a testament to our collective dedication to excellence, and through these moments of recognition, we illuminate the path to continuous success,” said Topencik. “Of all the data measured by organizations, moral metrics is of great importance to us. This is a critical part of our culture and encourages peer-to-peer positivity. It confirms that together, we are going in the right direction.”
To learn more about Raymond’s continuous dedication to improvement or the Raymond Lean Management System, visit: www.raymondcorp.com/optimization/lean-management.
For more information or to locate an authorized Raymond Solutions and Support Center, visit www.raymondcorp.com or call 800-235-7200.
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