Paper Cushions in a Flash

Storopack’s new PAPERplus® Shooter³ paper cushion system can process up to 525 feet of paper a minute

Metzingen, January 2024. If you need a system that can produce protective packaging materials for your packaging process at lightning speed, then look no further than the PAPERplus® Shooter³. Storopack’s new, ultra-fast paper cushion system can process up to 525 feet of recycled paper a minute and create paper cushions designed to fill voids in boxes and perfectly protect shipping goods. Storopack was able to increase the production speed of the PAPERplus® Shooter³ by 66 feet per minute compared to the previous generation. The compact, lightweight machine is very user-friendly and is available as a standalone version and a tabletop model, enabling flexible integration into any production process.
Automatic or On-Demand
The PAPERplus® Shooter³ offers convenient production of paper cushions in the desired length directly at the packing station. These paper cushions create volume in the box and therefore optimize cushioning and filling. The simple-to-use machine offers three operating modes (automatic, manual, and on-demand), making it easier than ever to tailor paper cushion production to specific packaging processes. Thanks to an adjustable height, a head that swivels up to 40 degrees, and an integrated cutting device that automatically separates the paper cushion at the desired length, the practical freestanding version makes work more ergonomic.
The ultra-reliable PAPERplus® Shooter³ paper cushion system not only offers users high-speed production, but also requires minimal maintenance, ensuring companies are always on the safe side when it comes to their packaging process.
About Storopack
Founded as Johannes Reichenecker leather tannery in 1874, since 1959 Storopack Hans Reichenecker GmbH based in Metzingen, Germany, is a specialist for protective packaging. The globally active company produces and supplies made-to-measure and flexible protective packaging for various industries. Storopack is present with own production locations and branch offices in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. 2,310 employees work for Storopack worldwide. In the year 2022 Storopack generated sales of 612 million Euros. Storopack products are available in more than 60 countries. Further information on

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