Linde Material Handling Launches the Reimagined Linde Series 391-02 Hydrostat Truck

SUMMERVILLE, SC - Linde Material Handling launches the Linde Series 391-02 Internal Combustion Counterbalance Truck, including models H16 – H20, with a powertrain enhancement, adding the proven Deutz LPG engine to its product portfolio line. This truck offers versatility on a new level with an exceptional driving experience customers expect with this updated truck.
As business goals evolve and change, equipment that will adapt to agile environments is critical. In the past, operations have had to choose forklift trucks for specific applications and environments, which meant ordering multiple pieces of equipment. The H16 - H20 truck offers the optimal solution, building on its already-established compact footprint and capabilities by adding the proven Deutz LPG engine – this highly engineered truck strikes an ideal balance between robust performance and streamlined design.
“The Linde Series 391-02 ensures a strong, fast, and precise power delivery with the Linde Hydrostatic Drive, Twin-Power Control, and Linde Load Control. This truck thrives in any environment and situation, including the most demanding applications, dusty conditions, and multi-shift operations,” stated Jena-Christine Lawrence, Director of Product Management & Product Strategy. “Although the H16 - H20 models thrive during challenging industrial demands, the minimal footprint easily navigates narrow aisles, retrieving and storing products on shelves and maneuvering tight corners while transporting goods. This versatile truck bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor applications and keeps operations effective and efficient.”
The Linde Series 391-02, available from 3140 lb. - 4500 lb. capacity, is crafted with durable components to withstand environmental impacts. However, its thoughtful design also incorporates features of dependable confidence with the Linde Driver Assist, which works in harmony with the Linde Curve Assist. These technologies automatically reduce travel speed proportionally when cornering, reducing the likelihood of loss of stability while the operator focuses on tedious maneuvering.
In addition to mechanical features that safeguard the operator, this series boasts a sleek, slim lift mast profile design that enables all-around optimal visibility, preventing unnatural, strained positioning. Relative to the unencumbered view, the structural design of the workstation keeps operators alert and comfortable. A low-entry anti-slip step enables easy access that leads to a spacious cabin, displaying ample legroom and adjustable seats and armrests for relaxed posture and excellent arm positioning. Lawrence added, “All of these features assist in lowering fatigue and discomfort while operating the truck. The truck's movement also limits strain on the operator's body with nearly vibration and shock-free operation due to the mast and drive axle being isolated from the chassis incorporating durable and maintenance free neoprene mountings.”
Having versatile equipment also means having the tools to count on that will keep an operation running continuously. Those characteristics include knowing the availability of equipment and anticipating planned downtime. The H16 - H20 truck continues the heritage of extended reliability with 1,000 operating hours and maintenance-free mounting axles and tilt cylinders for minimal downtime and decreased operational costs. Rapid diagnostics are also immediately available via laptop for on-demand truck diagnostics, keeping operations aware of potential issues.
This powerful forklift boasts a hydrostatic transmission, resulting in lowered service expenses during regular maintenance and enhancing cost-effectiveness. In addition, scheduled downtime is efficient, with easy access to maintenance components. The hydrostatic transmission also eliminates the need for a differential, torque converter, and mechanical transmission gears.
This design contributes to fewer mechanical components, reducing wear and potential points of failure. The hydrostatic service brake system is wear-free by relying on hydraulic pressure rather than friction components, enhancing longevity and reducing maintenance needs.
The standard LEPS (Linde Engine Protection System) safeguards your investment by monitoring engine operational conditions. It promptly issues alerts and, when required, intervenes with alarms or implements speed reduction to mitigate adverse engine operational parameters. Monitored areas are engine oil level, engine oil pressure, engine temperature, engine coolant levels, hydraulic oil temperature, and air filter condition. Warning levels escalate from light signals and buzzers to reduced travel speeds.  
The Linde Series 391-02 is available in various models (H16 – H20), with a comprehensive range of standard equipment, additional options, and customer-specific solutions for maximum versatility.
Learn more about the Linde Series 391-02 Internal Combustion Engine Counterbalance truck.
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