Innovative Further Development of the Ferag.Denisort Tilt-Tray Sorter Enables Transport and Sorting of Weights up to 30 kg

[Hinwil, 01.12.2023] - Ferag, a leading name in the world of intralogistics, has announced a further development of its ferag.denisort system. The latest improvements make it possible to convey and sort weights of up to 30 kg and offer quieter operation thanks to the design of the trays with plastic flaps.
The principle of a tilt tray sorter is, as the name suggests, to transport and sort products in trays. This method minimizes the risk of damage to sensitive or fragile items and ensures that they reach their destination in perfect condition. Clever functions from Ferag, such as the tray carpet function for items of different dimensions and a gentle tilting function, which prevents products from sliding unchecked, also guarantee even gentler handling of the products. Shapeless, light, round or sensitive products and even polybags are no problem thanks to the sophisticated design.
The ferag.denisort tilt-tray sorter is designed to move three-dimensionally through buildings and on multiple levels. This makes it possible to overcome even complex intralogistics challenges, as it can be effortlessly integrated into vertical structures and thus overcome different floors.
If a sorter is run on two levels and the trays are refilled before the chutes onto which the two sorter lines can be discharged, amazingly high throughput rates of up to 15,000 items per hour can be achieved.
The solution impresses with its scalability. With a high degree of modularity and an extensive catalog of modules, the system can be used to initially introduce manual processes and then gradually automate them, for example by retrofitting the induction belt to an automatic conveyor belt or expanding the sorting destinations. The system grows with the customer's success and even seasonal fluctuations such as Black Friday can be handled effortlessly. Customers can optimize their investments and reduce their operating costs without compromising on performance and quality.
Outbound applications are supported with the ferag.denisort. With different (standard) sorting destination variants, including a 30 kg chute that brakes heavy parcels to protect smaller parcels or a double-decker chute, the system adapts flexibly to customer requirements. Thanks to its extensive expertise, Ferag is also able to design and manufacture customized sorting destinations according to the individual needs of its customers.
In addition, the system can be seamlessly combined with other products such as ferag.skyfall or a pick tower to ensure even greater versatility and efficiency in material handling.
"The further development of ferag.denisort marks a milestone in conveyor technology," says Roberto Fenile, Head of Technologies at Ferag. "Our customers can now benefit from even higher weight capacities, quieter operation and unsurpassed flexibility. This innovation will significantly increase efficiency and productivity in their operations."
For more information about ferag.denisort and the integration into your processes, please contact our experts. Visit our website or contact us for more information.
About Ferag
Ferag specializes in the development of complete intralogistics solutions in the areas of production, e-commerce and omnichannel for a wide range of industries as well as for postal and 3PL automation. The Swiss family business, which has been on the market for over 65 years, is also one of the global market leaders in the development, design and sale of material flow systems for a wide range of industrial applications. Innovative conveying and sorting solutions for intralogistics are also a consistent and sustainable further development of the Ferag processing systems developed for print media production. Software and automation solutions are developed in-house and implemented by Ferag's own teams. Headquartered in Hinwil/Zurich, the Group is represented in 19 countries by its own sales and service companies and employs around 650 people worldwide.


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