American Logistics Aid Network Activates For Hurricane Ian

As Hurricane Ian intensifies, the American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) is urging Florida and Gulf Coast residents to prepare – and asking members of the logistics community who aren’t located near the storm’s path to be ready to help.

“Over the next few days Hurricane Ian has the potential to deliver high winds, strong rains and a significant storm surge across many parts of Florida,” said Kathy Fulton, ALAN’s Executive Director. “We are mobilizing accordingly.”

Late last week, ALAN began what Fulton calls the preparedness stage of the disaster relief organization’s storm activation, which includes:

  • Providing pre-storm information about the storm’s latest path and supply chain impacts via its Supply Chain Intelligence Center, which can be accessed for free at
  • Updating ALAN’s Disaster Micro-site with helpful links for those who are located in Hurricane Ian’s cone of concern. That site is also where ALAN will share any specific requests for logistics assistance that it receives as a result of the storm.
  • Checking in with members of the non-profit and disaster relief community to find out what resources they anticipate needing
  • Working closely with government and industry officials to share critical disaster and supply chain information

ALAN’s response relief efforts – which include fielding and filling specific requests for logistics help – will commence later this week if the storm’s strength and path continue as predicted.

“Most of our requests for assistance arrive after a hurricane or tropical storm has hit,” said Fulton. “That’s because each storm winds up having very different outcomes and pain points. And you really can’t predict what those will be – and where relief organizations will require supply chain assistance the most – until after the storm has moved through.”

As always, Fulton said that ALAN hopes these measures will prove to be merely precautionary.

“Over the years we’ve seen some potentially catastrophic hurricanes that have turned into relatively minor events while others have morphed into far more deadly and destructive events than expected,” she said. “We are praying that Hurricane Ian will turn out to be the former. However if it isn’t, we want people to remember that ALAN is here to help – and to do everything in their power to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.”

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