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Cutting Edge OMNIA™ Omni-wheel Comes To MODEX 2020

Omnia Wheel (Rotacaster Wheel Pty Ltd)

Award-winning wheel manufacturer OMNIA™ will be showcasing their cutting edge omni-wheels  at Modex 2020 held at the Georgia World Congress Centre, Atlanta Georgia held on the 9th-12th March 2020 at booth #9529.
OMNIA(™)’s omni-wheel, allows 360° manoeuvrability, without the need for turning or swiveling the wheels, giving it significant benefits over traditional caster wheels. The OMNIA(™) omni-wheel can be used in any application requiring 360° movement ranging from manual handling trucks and conveyor systems to medical equipment and robotics. 
The OMNIA(™) omni-wheel works by having the main wheel on an axle (allowing forward and backward motion). The 360° movement is achieved through the external rollers which provide precise lateral  movement without any significant load shifting and unintentional directional change. The benefits of this are better response to the forces on the angles applied and less space required for the wheel to be housed as it does not need to swivel, making it the perfect application for movement a confined space. The OMNIA(™) omni-wheel is also the most robust omni-wheel for its load capacity to weight ratio.
Manufactured entirely from engineering polymers,  OMNIA(™)’s wheels are light, durable, impact and corrosive resistant. The injection moulded web-like structure of the wheel body and over-moulded rollers create a robust, high impact, corrosion resistant wheel with no pins, inserts or seams, which means they are capable of withstanding higher impacts of force than other wheels which use these components and the rollers don't separate from the main wheel hub. 
Available in four sizes (25mm, 35mm, 50mm and 90mm) and a vast range of component combinations and roller hardness options, the OMNIA(™) wheel’s unique, durable construction accompanied by its high load bearing capacity, a variety of mounting options makes it ideal for tough environments and challenging industrial applications.
OMNIA(™) Director of Sales Lachlan Patton comments, “Omnia’s development of the wheels has been successful in the materials handling equipment (handtrucks) market because of the improved functionality and occupational health and safety performance through a load bearing design, and productivity improvements because of the more precise multidirectional ability of the wheel facilitating the load to be moved faster with more stability than traditional wheel systems.The wheels continue to be used in a growing number of applications including transfer tables, robotics, and medical equipment.The wheel range and all the options available will be on display at the Omnia booth #9529 at Modex 2020.”
OMNIA(™), part of Rotacaster Pty Ltd, has been creating innovative products since the launch of its Rotacaster(™) omni-wheel in 2005. Other products include the Rotatruck(™), a self supporting, manual handling hand truck, whose ergonomic design has been proven to reduce load balancing by 100%; reducing the potential for injury from heavy loads, improving safety and productivity.
For more information visit www.omniawheel.com

For more information please contact:

Tim Strube - Business Development
Rotacaster Wheel Limited
+61 2 4907 8100 (w), +61 2 4940-0080 (f)
Unit 2/2 Revelation Close, Tighes Hill, NSW 2297, Australia

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