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BoxLock, Inc.

“Press to Open” Software and BoxLock 2M, a Cellular Version of the Company’s Smart Padlock, Bolster Secure, Unattended Asset Transfer Solutions for Businesses

ATLANTA, March 9, 2020 -- BoxLock, the industry leader in secure, unattended delivery technology for homes and businesses, today announced two new product extensions that will be featured at MODEX 2020 and available to enterprise customers later this year. 
The company will be rolling out a new “Press to Open” functionality for remote operators and network operations centers to open BoxLock devices without the need for a barcode, mobile software or a key fob. Through BoxLock’s APIs, operators can designate a lock to open remotely for a set period of time (i.e., 20 seconds) by pressing the button on the top of the lock. This functionality will be available in April to BoxLock’s enterprise customers as a firmware update to their existing hardware.
In addition, the company is announcing BoxLock 2M, a cellular version of the device that supports LTE-M and NB-IoT worldwide networks, designed specifically for enterprise applications. BoxLock 2M will support over 2,500 deliveries on a single charge, be rechargeable via a USB-C port and work anywhere the supported networks are available. The device will also include security enhancements, BoxLock’s new “Press to Open” technology and location tracking via GPS. BoxLock 2M is available for pre-order now and will be shipping in limited quantities in Q3 2020.
“Supply chain and logistics executives know that secure, unattended asset transfer capabilities are essential to the success of their supply chains, and the profitability of their businesses,” said Brad Ruffkess, CEO and Founder of BoxLock. “Both of these new products are designed to make it even easier for our enterprise customers to ensure visibility and security of unattended deliveries during the first and final miles, arguably the most critical points in the supply chain of any company.” 
BoxLock’s inventory, access and security solutions integrate into existing systems to help businesses make their supply chain more efficient, accountable and reliable at the point that assets are transferred. The Company will host MODEX attendees at Booth 6671 to demonstrate its solutions in a number of enterprise use cases, including:
  • Off-Peak Deliveries
  • Lab Logistics
  • Medical Deliveries
  • Critical Inventory
  • Forward Warehousing
BoxLock’s secure package delivery technology solution is now protecting thousands of deliveries made by UPS, USPS, FedEx and Amazon to homes and businesses across the U.S.. BoxLock is addressing a growing problem as more than 1.7 million packages are lost or stolen each day, and 2020 estimates project an $89 billion global loss to carriers for parcels not delivered on the first try. BoxLock’s package delivery lock is the only nationally available smart solution to protect deliveries made by all major carriers. 
BoxLock announced last week it had secured $4.5 million in equity funding.
Launched in 2017, BoxLock is the industry leader in secure, unattended delivery technology. BoxLock’s smart padlock unlocks when out-for-delivery packages are scanned with their proprietary barcode technology. The company’s inventory, access and security solutions integrate into existing systems to help businesses make their supply chain more efficient, accountable and reliable in the first and final mile. BoxLock’s pioneering residential parcel solutions are protecting deliveries made by all major carriers at homes and small businesses across America. Based in Atlanta, CEO Brad Ruffkess founded BoxLock after his family had packages stolen from their front porch. Learn more at www.GetBoxLock.com.
Brad Ruffkess

For more information please contact:

Brad Ruffkess - Founder
BoxLock Inc.
404-918-3999 (w)
692 Kirkwood Ave SE, Suite C1, Atlanta, GA 30316

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