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MOTREC’s line of tow tractors now bigger, better and more versatile than ever

Motrec International Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia, March 1. 2020 - MOTREC International, a leading manufacturer of reliable electrical industrial vehicles, recently introduced the MT-310, a brand-new crossover tugger.  The Motrec MT-310 is an ultra-versatile sit-down / stand-up crossover tugger that brings incredible comfort to all-day tugging. Available in 36 and 48V models.  
The MT310 has a beefy 16,000lb (7,257kg) towing capacity coupled with heavy-duty easy-access rear hitches that makes it an ideal choice not only for the big haul, but the long haul as well. Its low-maintenance 10 or 15hp brushless asynchronous AC Direct Drive motors are fed by long-life industrial batteries that deliver reliable power on demand. Beyond getting the job done quickly and precisely, the MT 310 offers strict adherence to safety standards and thoroughly considered comfort. An operator-friendly multifunction display makes simple work of complex tasks, while MOTREC’s proprietary sit-down/stand-up seat emphasizes the ergonomic and minimizes strain. The MT310’s safety features don’t stop there; a reverse alarm, dead man switch, automatic parking brake, and emergency stop button are standard! And 78” is all the MT310 needs to effectuate a complete turn, plus rear-wheel hydraulic drum brakes with regenerative braking and an automatic parking brake means it’ll stop, and stay stopped on a dime.
Precise, productive, and easily customizable, the 36 and 48V MT310 showcase MOTREC’s experience & expertise. They’re built for business, mean business, and carry the name that has come to represent excellence in electric industrial vehicles.   
MOTREC is recognized as one of the world’s leading designers & manufacturers of Electric Industrial Vehicles for the safe and efficient transportation of goods & personnel.  We work to meet, exceed, and excel at each and every of our customer’s requirements whatever their segment, work environment or ultimate application. Our service, products, and philosophy are centered on teamwork, agility, integrity, and excellence with a determination to delivering complete customer satisfaction.
Discover MOTREC International Inc. and its innovative electric industrial vehicle solutions by visiting motrec.com or by calling 866-846-3558. 
Karine Guilbault
+1 866.846.3558


For more information please contact:

Jean-Sébastien Duguay - Director of Marketing
Motrec International
1-866-846-3558 (w), 819-345-7885 (m)
200 Des PME Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1C 0R2, Canada

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