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MOTREC International will feature the newest additions and enhancements to its products at MODEX in booth #4993

Motrec International Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia, March 1. 2020 - MOTREC International has recently unveiled two new models to its unbeatable workmates MC480 burden carrier line-up, the 36V LD and 48V LD, as well as an entirely driver compartment revamp.  For starters, a 2,000lb (907kg) load and 6,000lb (2,722kg) towing capacity means the MC480 LD models are going to move whatever needs moving. Power and potential come from any one of the brushless asynchronous AC Direct Drive motors available in high-efficiency 10 or 15hp ratings which are in turn kept humming by long-life smart-charging batteries.  The light duty models come with a long list of standard features: dual leaf springs suspension, complete console on steering column with multifunction display, two bucket seats on slide adjusters, bolt-on front bumper, LED dual headlights, inclined steering column, and more.
The MC480 is now offered in 36, 48V, 36 LD and 48V LD models and delivers all the power and proficiency needed to get the job done.  Each features an entirely revamped driver compartment designed expressly to permit shift-long operation along with improved safety and convenience attributes.   
In fact, driver comfort comes top-of-mind with twin bucket seats set in a more spacious compartment where an adjustable driving column is capped by a full-feature console display. Controlling the MC480 is as easy as operators could hope for. Throw in a redesigned front steel bumper, recessed lights, an 11.5 ft2 under-deck storage, and 10 anchor-points on the upper deck and you can see why it’s getting the attention it deserves.
With the MC480, MOTREC proves once again how brain & brawn are unbeatable workmates. Big jobs demand a big commitment, and MOTREC answered the call, building in more innovation & engineering to deliver an intelligent, unibody yet modular electric industrial vehicle design that is more than equipped to provide efficiency & productivity with incomparable safety & comfort. 
MOTREC is recognized as one of the world’s leading designers & manufacturers of Electric Industrial Vehicles for the safe and efficient transportation of goods & personnel.  We work to meet, exceed, and excel at each and every of our customer’s requirements whatever their segment, work environment or ultimate application. Our service, products, and philosophy are centered on teamwork, agility, integrity, and excellence with a determination to delivering complete customer satisfaction.
Discover MOTREC International Inc. and its innovative electric industrial vehicle solutions by visiting motrec.com or by calling 866-846-3558. 
Karine Guilbault
+1 866.846.3558


For more information please contact:

Jean-S├ębastien Duguay - Director of Marketing
Motrec International
1-866-846-3558 (w), 819-345-7885 (m)
200 Des PME Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1C 0R2, Canada

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