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MOTREC International unveils their new Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) at Modex in booth #4993

Motrec International Inc.

Atlanta, Georgia, March 1. 2020 - Motrec International continues to enhance their material handling solutions with the launch of the all-new Automated Guided Tow Tractor, the MAGT345.  The MAGT345 continues to back MOTREC’s enviable reputation for the design & manufacture of rugged, reliable, modular-design vehicles. The MAGT345 AGV Tugger ably meets load requirements while providing an unparalleled flexibility that allows end-users to exceed their automated solution requirements. 
The MAGT345 takes full advantage of Opportunity Charging with Lithium powered 48V batteries or other battery solutions, depending on the application, to optimize energy use and system efficiency to a new level. With scalable AC Drive Technology, this new workhorse delivers a robust 16,000lb towing capacity with the added benefit of multiple configurations for even heavier loads. Available auto-hitch, unhitch, and laser bumpers that strictly adhere to ANSI 56.5 safety standards. MOTREC’s MAGT345 leads the pack with its AGV solution that can easily accommodate drivers when needed, giving them, and its users welcome versatility. 
MOTREC AGVs employ advanced NDC Control Technology allowing them to operate safely & efficiently with either SLAM/Feature, Laser, Wire, Gyro/Spot or bar code navigation methods according to the end-user’s specific requirements. Over 30,000 similarly equipped and configured vehicles have provided simple, effective service worldwide.
MOTREC is recognized as one of the world’s leading designers & manufacturers of Electric Industrial Vehicles for the safe and efficient transportation of goods & personnel.  We work to meet, exceed, and excel at each and every of our customer’s requirements whatever their segment, work environment or ultimate application. Our service, products, and philosophy are centered on teamwork, agility, integrity, and excellence with a determination to delivering complete customer satisfaction.
Discover MOTREC International Inc. and its innovative electric industrial vehicle solutions by visiting motrec.com or by calling 866-846-3558. 
Karine Guilbault
+1 866.846.3558


For more information please contact:

Jean-S├ębastien Duguay - Director of Marketing
Motrec International
1-866-846-3558 (w), 819-345-7885 (m)
200 Des PME Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1C 0R2, Canada

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