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Avidbots Unveils Side Sweeper Add-On for Neo Autonomous Floor-Scrubbing Robot


Neo’s Side Sweeper attachment will allow warehouse operators to automatically clean up to 33% more floor space, even hard-to-reach areas near walls and racks

MODEX, Atlanta, Georgia — March 9, 2020 — Avidbots, a company that brings robots to everyday life to expand human potential, today announced that it has developed a new sweeper option for Neo, its market-leading autonomous floor-scrubbing robot. Called Side Sweeper, the new attachment will enable Neo to clean even in hard-to-reach places such as along baseboards and corners. Neo and Side Sweeper are on view at MODEX 2020, Avidbots Booth #5894.
With Side Sweeper, Neo is able to clean up to 33% more floor space, getting close to walls and racks in warehouse aisles and reaching further into corners. Side Sweeper also collects small items such as screws, nuts, and bolts, rocks and stones, and loose dirt, depositing the debris inside an internal debris bin. 
“Our warehouse customers in particular have asked for an attachment to sweep light debris into Neo’s main cleaning path and also to clean much closer to walls and racks, so we developed the Side Sweeper based on this key request,” said Faizan Shiekh, CEO and co-founder of Avidbots. “Side Sweeper is the result of many months of R&D and testing and it has already proven to improve ROI by cleaning more floor space and reducing the need for dust- and edge-mopping.”
The Side Sweeper attachment for Neo is currently being tested in DHL-operated warehouses in North America. DHL Supply Chain, which operates thousands of warehouses in 55 countries, is a key Avidbots customer, deploying Neo across many of its facilities. After a testing phase at DHL-run warehouses, Side Sweeper will be available for purchase by all customers later in 2020. Side Sweeper is compatible with the most current Neo model and can be pre-installed before shipment.  
Neo is the world’s only fully-autonomous floor-scrubbing robot and is deployed in hundreds of commercial sites in over 15 countries. Neo is used in malls, schools, hospitals, manufacturing sites, and airports, and is particularly well suited to the warehouse environment. Neo’s advanced AI and 3D sensors enable it to safely navigate in warehouses’ dynamic environments, making Neo the leading floor-scrubbing robot for the logistics industry. Neo uses advanced algorithms to identify obstacles in its path, such as boxes, people, and other robots, and automatically reroutes on the fly to avoid them. Neo also offers a blue light accessory for warehouses, ensuring workers can always spot the robot as its working. In warehouses, most other floor-cleaning robots get constantly hung-up, stopping in the middle of their task each time they run into an obstacle because, unlike Neo, they do not use AI to adapt to their environments and can instead only be pre-programmed to follow a set route.
Side Sweeper will enable warehouse operators to obtain maximum ROI from their Neo investment, achieving sparkling clean facilities that increase worker safety, boost productivity, and ensure maximum supply chain efficiency. 
About Avidbots
Avidbots designs and manufactures autonomous connected robots to expand human potential. Its first product is Neo, a robotic floor scrubber widely deployed in airports, warehouses, manufacturing sites, malls, universities, and other commercial spaces worldwide. With a rapidly-expanding customer base in over 15 countries, Avidbots is a global leader in collaborative service robots. Founded in 2014 by robotics engineers from the University of Waterloo and headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario, Avidbots is backed by top global venture capital firms including True Ventures, Next47, GGV Capital, BDC, Felicis Ventures, Real Ventures, and Golden Ventures. For more information, visit https://www.avidbots.com.
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