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Honeywell Intelligrated to Showcase Next-Generation Distribution Center Technology at MODEX 2020

Honeywell Intelligrated

Distribution center offerings, including system design, voice-enabled technologies and robotics solutions on display at MODEX (booth #7619)

CINCINNATI, Feb. 25, 2020 – Honeywell Intelligrated today announced its exhibit at MODEX 2020 March 9-12 in Atlanta showcasing forward-thinking innovations in workforce optimization, robotic integration and industrial internet of things (IIoT) connectivity in the distribution and fulfillment space.
The interactive booth demonstrations will showcase a variety of solutions to help distribution centers (DCs) of all sizes make the digital transformation necessary to increase reliability, improve utilization and maximize productivity.
In booth #7619, Honeywell Intelligrated will showcase its latest innovations for DCs. Specific technologies that will be exhibited include:
  • Design simulation and concepting — Join our operations and solutions development team as they walk through a 3D DC design simulation, including an overview of the entire system and key automation components, such as high-density automatic storage and receiving systems (AS/RS), goods-to-operator (GTO) and goods-to-robot (GTR) workstations, pick and place robotics, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and sortation.
  • Robotic unloader — See how we’re helping DC operators relieve the burden of labor-intensive trailer unloading with this live robotic unloader demonstration. Our state-of-art solution significantly reduces the manual effort required to effectively run a receiving dock.
  • AS/RS — Achieve high-density storage while minimizing a storage rack’s footprint with flexible AS/RS shuttles designed to store cartons of various widths along the length of an aisle and maximize available storage locations by accommodating smaller container sizes.
  • GTR picking — Witness robotic order picking efficiency in motion with this vertical lift and GTR each picking station. A vertical reciprocating conveyor transports totes from lower to upper levels, where a SuperPick robot from Soft Robotics picks and places items into order containers.
  • Order picking workflow automation — Integrate AMRs from Fetch Robotics with pick-to-light stations and Honeywell Voice-directed put walls into an efficient workflow designed to reduce inefficient movement for critical put-away, picking and packing functions.
  • Honeywell Voice — Achieve higher levels of productivity and accuracy in your demanding distribution center (DC) and warehouse operations with Honeywell Voice, which utilizes voice-guided workflows that help you run a smarter, better business. 
  • Robotic sorter induction — Automate the induction of packaged items onto a sorter with this fully integrated robotic solution that produces consistent output, takes up minimal floor space, and doesn’t require significant modifications to retrofit into existing induction stations.
  • Interactive sortation demonstration — Explore the breadth of Honeywell Intelligrated sortation technologies at our interactive video table and learn how they can help your operation increase throughput, lower costs, and reduce dependence on manual labor.
  • Connected Assets software — Learn how connected infrastructures and intuitive software are enabling DC operators to visualize and manage critical system performance and key asset health to improve operational efficiency, predict and avoid risks, and lower the cost-per-case shipped.
  • Momentum™ Suite of Software Solutions — Take the reins of e-commerce execution with Honeywell Intelligrated’s best-in-class suite of warehouse execution functionality offering, designed to empower decision intelligence through advanced data analytics and machine-learning technologies.
  • GoalPost® labor management software (LMS) — Achieve maximum labor utilization and cost control through optimization, visibility and predictive planning models that drive up employee performance and engagement while reducing attrition, time to fulfill and direct labor spend.
  • Aftermarket support — Discover the many ways Honeywell Intelligrated delivers the industry’s most robust suite of aftermarket tools and services — from TechSight smart glasses for fast issue resolution to our Assurance 360 outcome-based service solution that delivers outcome-based lifecycle management services that help our customers achieve continuous performance improvements and maximize business results. 
Attendees will find practical solutions for some of the biggest challenges facing DCs today – from addressing limited labor availability to keeping pace with e-commerce expectations – all while minimizing costly downtime.
In addition to in-booth displays and demonstrations, Honeywell Intelligrated will present two educational seminars:
  • Bridging the Labor Gap in Your DC – Presented by Matt Wicks, Chief Robotics Solution Architect. Monday, March 9 from 1:30 – 2:15 p.m. in Theater E
  • IIoT & Digital Transformation – Payback? Where We Are Going, We Don’t Need Payback. – Presented by Will Leet, Manager, Product Management. Tuesday, March 10 from 1 – 1:45 p.m. in Theater D
Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) provides products, software and connected solutions that improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers across the globe. We deliver on this promise through industry-leading mobile devices, software, cloud technology and automation solutions, the broadest range of personal protective equipment and gas detection technology, and custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls.
Honeywell (www.honeywell.com) is a Fortune 100 technology company that delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help everything from aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.  For more news and information on Honeywell, please visit www.honeywell.com/newsroom.
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