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ID Label Introduces Arctic Xtreme™ Cold Storage Label

ID Label Inc.

LAKE VILLA, Ill., Dec. 3, 2019 – ID Label Inc. has introduced Arctic Xtreme™, a new high-performance warehouse rack label for cold storage environments.
Arctic Xtreme™ labels perform extremely well in cold, wet and subzero conditions. They feature an advanced freezer-grade adhesive specially formulated for cold storage environments 
“Our innovative hybrid adhesive is designed to resist moisture and frost build-up while maintaining a permanent bond to metal warehouse racking,” said Gregg Schiltz, ID Label’s chief operating officer. “They can be applied at temperatures as low as minus 20 Fahrenheit. This means warehouse managers don’t have to disrupt operations by raising temperatures or moving inventory to install them.” 
Once applied, Arctic Xtreme labels will maintain a permanent bond to metal warehouse racking at service temperatures as low as -65 Fahrenheit.
“We’re confident these are the highest performing freezer labels available,” Schiltz said.
ID Label manufactures Arctic Xtreme labels on some of the industry’s most advanced digital inkjet presses. They’re commonly produced with a durable laminate coating to withstand daily warehouse bumps and knocks and can include company logos and other colorful graphics.
Demand Surging for Cold Storage Warehouses
The market for cold storage warehouses is expected to reach nearly $30 billion by 2021, up from  an estimated $22 billion in 2019. Demand is being fueled in part by rapid growth in online grocery shopping, which is expected to account for 13% of total grocery sales by 2022.
“We provide a range of solutions for cold storage environments, including magnet-backed labels,” Schiltz said. “Many of our customers have asked us for a permanent-adhesive solution with a lower application temperature. We designed Arctic Xtreme with that in mind.”
Key Features of Arctic Xtreme™
Performance – premium-quality labels that perform well in cold, wet and subzero temperatures and conditions. Strong adherence to warehouse racking at temps as low as -65F. 
Easy application – Labels can be installed at -20F without interrupting operations. There’s no need to raise freezer temperatures for labels to be applied and bond to the substrate.
Versatile – Can be applied on dry, moist, or frozen surfaces
Cost effective to use – premium product that provides a strong return on investment compared to other labeling options.
For more information or to request samples or a quote, visit ID Label’s website.
About ID Label Inc.
Since 1994, ID Label has been one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of custom, variable-information barcode labels and asset tags. The company’s solutions are used by thousands of global organizations to keep their businesses moving with efficiency, speed and accuracy. Our expert sales consultants are passionate about working with our customers to provide smart ideas and innovative products. We provide design, production, signage and nationwide installation services for organizations in the warehousing, supply chain, manufacturing, electronics, calibration, medical, laboratory, lumber and library markets. To learn more, visit https://www.idlabelinc.com/

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