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AutoStore is tackling the retail industry


AutoStore, The Cube Storage Pioneer has been redefining and innovating storage solutions by combining software, hardware, and human ability to bring the next generation of solutions. Today, over 400 systems, thousands of robots and millions of storage bins make warehouses, manufacturing and order fulfillment operations more productive and space efficient.
AutoStore Redefining the Retail Space!
Now, AutoStore is tackling its next adventure…Retail.  Combining more floor space, enabling retailers to stay closer to their customers they are taking the customer experience to the next level.
Why AutoStore for the Retail Industry?
Engaging In-Store Experience.  With a more space efficient storage system, retailers can replace aisles with richer in-store experiences.
A Scalable System Bridging the Gap Between Online and In-Store. Associates can consolidate orders in less than 10 minutes. Bridge the online and in-store experience to give customers more flexibility.
Expand Product Assortment with High-Density Storage. AutoStore’s modular solution is fully customizable to fit any height, floor shape and obstacles. A standardized system permits easy and enables fast installation.
Redesign Your Existing Store for Tomorrow. The highest density of cubic space utilization uses space to its fullest capacity and mikes it possible to expand product assortment.
Click & Collect 24/7. The automated storage and picking system provide a flexible self-service experience. Customers can collect online orders in a few minutes.
Curbside & Last Mile Delivery. Customers can select their preferred option to collect pre-picked orders curbside or get home delivery.
AutoStore is the Most Versatile Solution!
Grow while running. Easily expand the system and grow your capacity without shutting down operations or experiencing operational loss.
24/7 operations. Unbeaten up-time and no single point of failure design provides customers with a near 100 percent system availability.
Customize to fit anywhere. The design is modular based, and just like building blocks, you can build any shape, form or height you need.
Go green. Green credentials are unrivaled, and zero energy is wasted. Ten robots use the same amount of energy as a vacuum cleaner.
Store four times more products. By installing an AutoStore, you’ll get four times the storage capacity in the same footprint as manual storage. With substantial space-savings, comes a range of new creative possibilities.
The retail industry is continuously changing; staying close to the customer is more important than ever. The increase in people moving into urban areas are raising rental prices and impacting last-mile deliveries. Companies are finding it harder to meet the demands of customers and survive on lower margins. With the expectation of same-day deliveries in eCommerce, fast order fulfillment is essential to deliver on customer expectations. Installing AutoStore enables the retailer to stay close to customers and run an extremely efficient eCommerce fulfillment alongside a more customer-centric store. Build for tomorrow. Today.

For more information please contact:

Mr Magne Hatteland - Marketing Director
+4797107710 (w)
Stokkastrandvegen 85, Nedre Vats, Rogaland 5578, Norway

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