Vanderlande Industries, Inc.

Vanderlande is a full-scale material handling integrator specializing in flexible and scalable automated solutions for the e-commerce, retail, and omnichannel markets.

We understand the complexities associated with operating a successful warehouse operation and will work with you to exceed your customers’ expectations and improve your competitive position.

Vanderlande Industries, Inc.
1975 West Oak Circle
Marietta, Georgia 30062

Phone: 770-250-2800

Ashli Slade
Marketing Coordinator

Tracy Niehaus
Director of Marketing

Product Categories

Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems
Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems
Order Picking Fulfillment & Delivery
Pallets & Palletizers
Sortation Equipment
Systems Integration Services

Export Markets

North America
South America
Northern Europe
Eastern Europe
Southern Europe
Western Europe
South-Eastern Asia
Southern Asia
Western Asia
Central Asia
Australia and New Zealand