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  Atlanta, GA | April 9-12, 2018
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Caster Connection Brand Intro
Caster Connection CEO Sally Hughes introduces you to the Company she founded. Caster Connection is dedicated to developing the most innovative and optimal material handling solutions in order to deliver enhanced ergonomics, safety, and efficiency for every partner. Learn more at

True Innovation Changes Everything
BYD has integrated its world leading Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology into it's forklifts. The result is an industry first fully integrate solution that provides a zero maintenance battery with extremely long run time and short charge times. Did we mention a never before offered 10 year battery warranty?

Worker-Robot Collaboration Revolutionizing e-commerce Fulfillment
Come visit us at MODEX 2018 to learn how we have revolutionized worker-robot collaboration for eCommerce fulfillment.

Sure Sort™ sorts up to 2,400 items per hour with 3 operators
Introducing OPEX's newest Goods to Person Sortation System capable of sort 2,400 items per hour with 3 operators.

BOSTONtec Workstation Applications
BOSTONtec is a leading manufacturer of electric and manual height adjustable workstations and accessories. Through a wide range of standard and custom products, we focus on ergonomic solutions to improve productivity and operator health. Engineered to meet specific customer applications for fulfillment, assembly and manufacturing industries, quality BOSTONtec products are built in Midland, MI.

Emulate3D Engineering Software
Emulate3D engineering software enables you to reduce the risks associated with automation projects. Used for virtual commissioning, digital prototyping, system operation and throughput analysis, solution demonstration, and operator training, Emulate3D's award-winning digital twin technology is flexible, powerful, and user-friendly.

Ergo Advantage Modular Safety TIle System
Specializing in anti slip, ESD, and 5 & 6S initiatives with the best warranty on the market. Modular design allows for easy reconfiguration and replacement of damaged tiles.

Bleum's Warehouse Robots In Action
This video shows how Bleum's basic warehouse robots work. They bring the inventory to the picker, rather than the picker going to the inventory.

RightPick.AI: The Piece-Picking Solution for Intralogistics
RightPick.AI™ from RightHand Robotics is the first integrated, vision-guided machine learning-based software operating system designed to enable autonomous "lights out" robotic item-picking for warehouse order fulfillment. Learning from both a) sensor feedback of the RightHand Robotics intelligent gripper and b) an integrated vision system, RightPick.AI provides the "brains" behind the RightPick solution suite for e-commerce fulfillment operations. RightPick.AI enables validated picking and placement of the industry's widest range of items (SKUs) regardless of orientation, including new items that the system has not seen before (i.e., no 3D CAD models of items are required), in a variety of customer workflows, such as picking items from ASRS, inducting items onto sorters, sorting batch-picked items to put walls, and order quality assurance. Combining high-speed image processing with sophisticated algorithms, RightPick delivers continuously performance improvements to operations based on the 3R metric - the ability to handle a wide Range of objects with high Rate and Reliability. RightPick.AI also provides remote system health monitoring, performance data monitoring, logging, and report functions to best serve customers with zero to minimal downtime.

Generix Group - Enabling the Digital Transformation of Your Supply Chain
Generix Group - Enabling the Digital Transformation of Your Supply Chain

A New Product at MODEX...Projected Safety Signs
Introduction to the benefits of using projected safety signs instead of traditional painted or glued floor signs in industrial settings. Projected signs are eye-catching and long lasting through LED technology.

Meet Chuck - A robot who powers the warehouse of the future
Demands on e-commerce and retail businesses are growing exponentially, especially in the warehouse. Yet finding and retaining quality warehouse personnel is getting more difficult, and seasonal hires take time to train; especially if you're trying to leverage automation technologies. All these factors are causing chaos on the fulfillment center floor as ill-equipped associates try to fulfill more orders, more quickly, to meet increasing customer expectations for faster delivery times. Meet Chuck An intelligent, fully-equipped workhorse for the modern fulfillment center. Chuck is a collaborative mobile robot that uses powerful cloud-based software, machine learning, and AI to get smarter and more e cient as it works. Chuck can double and triple the productivity of your warehouse associates - at half the cost of traditional automation; without requiring any new infrastructure, or changing your warehouse layout.

Introduction to Universal Logic
Welcome to Universal Logic - the AI leader for robot cells. We are an AI software company and robotics integrator that provides the supply chain flexible material handling at maximum robot speed for half the cost of labor. Our software works with all major brands of robots including ABB, Adept, FANUC, KUKA, Yaskawa Motoman, and Universal Robot, and uses a wide range of sensors to provide 3D accuracy down to 75 microns. Our Neocortex® AI software platform extends perception, enables grasping, and guides robots in our standard Neocortex G2R Cells for piece picking in order fulfillment, bin picking, machine tending, kitting, and material induction.

Lithium Ion Batteries for Material Handling by Valence Technology
Witness how easy it is to upgrade to lithium using Valence's standard BCI sized batteries and the modularity of our U-Charge® batteries. Our lithium iron phosphate battery systems can be configured from 12V up to 1000V and are combined with intelligent Battery Management Systems. We offer solutions for material handling, forklifts, robots, pallet jacks, AGVs, GSE and more. Learn more at MODEX 2018 at Booth B1627.

FMC Implements TotalTrax's SX/VX Platform to Improve Safety.
FMC implemented TotalTrax's SX/VX platform, a cutting-edge safety automation system for forklifts, throughout its warehouses to stay on top of safety goals in the workplace. With options for load detection, job tracking, battery management and precision vehicle location, the SX/VX telematics platform provides a complete management solution for your industrial vehicle operations. Come see how TotalTrax SX/VX vehicle management and tracking solutions can put you on track for better forklift safety, lower maintenance costs, higher productivity and peak ROI at Modex 2018, booth B1430.

Engineered and Mobile Fall Protection Systems
Don't forget the Fall Protection! Keep your workers safe with Gorbel's full line of rigid rail and mobile fall arrest solutions.

Autonomous Robotic Solutions for Courier Express Parcel Port Industry
Our products and solutions include: Loading/Unloading, Induction, Sorting, Palletizing/Depalletizing. Loading to container, loading in trailer, loading to shelf, airport luggage transportation, autonomous forklift, etc.

On-Demand Automation Cloud Robotics Platform
Fetch Robotics develops and manufactures collaborative, autonomous mobile robot solutions for warehousing and intralogistics markets. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Fetch Robotics takes advantage of its deep robotics expertise to provide reliable and safe collaborative AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) solutions for two commercial applications, material handling and data collection. All Fetch robots are designed and assembled in the United States.

Wireless Charging demonstration with Don Nasca
Wireless Charging demonstration with Don Nasca

Why you should visit Custom Built Plastic Pallets at Modex 2018
Find out how Custom Built Plastic Pallets will solve your material handling problems.

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