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Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC

Booth #6623

ResinDek® flooring panel, manufactured by Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, is the premier choice for engineered wood mezzanine flooring systems for the material handling industry. Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC® has been at the forefront of testing and innovating flooring panels for the Material Handling Industry for nearly 20 years. After years of engineering design and product testing ResinDek has two flooring options for robotic (AMR and AGV) applications, TriGard® and MetaGard®. Both options can be applied to the full range of ResinDek flooring panels, including LD, SD, MD, HD, MAX, Xspan and Xspan FR. Backed by a 10-year product warranty, ResinDek panels have proven structural integrity that supports live and dead pallet jack limits from 2,000 – 8,000 lbs. Plus, ResinDek flooring panels have been independently evaluated and approved for use in Types I-V construction as part of a fire-resistance rated assembly by the IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Services. Booth # 6623

Media Library

3PL’s New Rack Supported Work Platforms Optimized for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
Discover how ResinDek with TriGard performance engineered flooring panel provides a level surface for Locus Robotics autonomous mobile robots to navigate quickly and efficiently.
ResinDek Flooring Panels for the Material Handling Industry Brochure
Learn about ResinDek flooring panels. pallet jack load capacities, ResinDek finishes, and much more
ResinDek Flooring Solution for Robotic Applications in Distribution Centers
Learn how ResinDek with TriGard and MetaGard flooring panels are designed specifically for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
ResinDek Rework Solution for Damaged Mezzanine Floors
Learn how ResinDek flooring panels can solve issues with damaged or problem mezzanine floors such as concrete, polydeck, plywood, bar or plank grate.
ResinDek with MetaGard Steel Surface Flooring Panels
Discover how ResinDek with MetaGard is designed for heavy wear areas, drop zones, pallet flow areas, aggressive rolling or dragging areas, and robotic traffic applications.
Systems Integrator Saved Time and Money Using ResinDek with MetaGard Steel Flooring Panels for Full Case Pick Modules
Learn how ResinDek with Gray Diamond Seal finish and MetaGard steel surface provides an extremely cost-effective and long-lasting solution for a large retailer.


6623 Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC
6623 Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC

Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC
12020 Tramway Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45241

Toll Free: 888-755-3048
Phone: 513-772-5560
Fax: 513-772-5561

Jim Pipp
Sale Engineer

Keith Shipman
National Sales Manager
513.772.5560 ext 212

Scott McGill
Director of Sales



ResinDek with Gray Diamond Seal 2
ResinDek with MetaGard
ResinDek with TriGard

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