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Mighty Line - ShieldMark Inc.

Mighty Line - ShieldMark Inc.

Booth #3810

Mighty Line is the market leader in durable floor marking tape and safety floor signs.

Our Mighty Line is known for its BEVELED EDGE.
Mighty Line floor tape replaces demarcation paint in the warehouses and facilities.

With a limited warranty of 3 years, Mighty Line lasts longer than expensive floor paints. Mighty Line floor tape is proudly made in the USA.

Mighty Line recently launched the new Mighty Liner floor tape applicator, which has been a hit. The Mighty Liner has been a great time saving tool for customers.
Mighty Line floor tape offers custom floor tape with different graphics, colors and even logos - capable of assisting with any 5S project.

Mighty Line will be showing off new products and handing out Mighty Line samples at the booth. Stop painting your floor lines and use Mighty Line floor marking products today.

See our Mighty Line product catalog here https://mightylinetape.com/pages/mighty-line-floor-marking-tape-

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Mighty Line Safety Floor Tape Catalog
Mighty Line Floor Marking Tape, 5s Floor Tape, Floor Signs, Industrial Safety Products, Floor Mats, Tape Dispensers and more.


3810 Mighty Line - ShieldMark Inc.
3810 Mighty Line - ShieldMark Inc.

New Mighty Liner Floor Tape Applicator
Learn more -mightylinetape.com/products/new-mighty-liner-2-3-4-floor-tape-applicator Mighty Line Floor Tape has made floor marking easier. There's no mess...no fumes...no downtime... And now - The Mighty Liner - our new floor tape applicator makes applying floor tape even easier! The Mighty Liner design allows you to thread as much as 100 feet of 2-Inch, 3-Inch, or 4-Inch Tape. The Mighty Liner is lightweight and easy to load. Simply mark your guide line.As you walk the line, the Mighty Liner removes the backing and applies the tape securely to the floor. When the roll is empty, it's simple to reload.The Mighty Liner has been specially designed to apply Mighty Line Floor Tape.But it's also versatile and can be used to apply various tapes like duct tape, vinyl tape, gaffers tape, and other floor tapes. The Mighty Liner. It's small...but mighty!

Mighty Line - ShieldMark Inc.
19147 Eastlook Rd.
Rocky River, OH 44116

Toll Free: 800-714-9980
Phone: 440-895-9980
Fax: 440-220-4381

Alec Goecke
Vice President

Andrew Goecke

Joe Pampush
Sales Mgr

Shannon Stamper
Marketing Mgr

Tom Goecke



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