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Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics

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Prime produces robots that are designed to improve productivity for warehouses, factories and retailers. We have an existing line of Goods-to-Person AMR robots called Mobile Shelf, that are robust and feature packed. At MODEX this year we launched our Auto Shelf robots, which herald a revolution in inventory handling.

While Mobile Shelf robots will enable smaller warehouse operations to enjoy the efficiency, accuracy and flexibility that has only been available to the largest corporations until now. Our software is easy to deploy and integrate with your WMS or Order Management Systems like SellerCloud or Shopify.

Our new Auto Shelf robots will enable even greater efficiency within the warehouse, while providing a platform to extend those benefits all the way upstream to production and downstream to the point of purchase. Auto Shelf will be able to collaborate with Prime's other robot models such as the Mobile Shelf and Mobile Conveyors.

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Ideal Automated Warehouse
The picture shows the integration of 4 kinds of Prime robots, the Mobile Shelf, (2 models) and the Mobile Conveyor. Also in the image are Autonomous Forklifts, which will be available in 2021.
Prime Launches Revolutionary New Robotics Platform at MODEX
This is the press release for the launching of the Auto Shelf robot platform at MODEX. Besides being the most efficient robot, whether AMR or Goods to Person, within a warehouse, but it is able to leave the warehouse and travel around the World on its own. This will transform logistics as it enables inventory to become autonomous.


Prime's Mobile Shelf Pallet Picking System
This video demonstrates the use of our T-2000 robots to do case picking and building of rainbow pallets to be shipped out to customers. The T-2000 is currently able to carry 1,000 Kg or 2,200 lbs at a speed of 1.3 meters/sec. The system can dramatically reduce the number of movements that require forklifts within your distribution center.

Mobile Shelf AMR Goods to Person Robot Demo
Prime's Mobile Shelf AMR robots bring the huge cost savings of goods to persons robots to the small and medium sized companies. Before only the largest companies could buy and deploy warehouse robots. Prime has made a simple and robust warehouse robot platform that achieves picking speeds in excess of 300 picks per hour and that is easy to deploy. The intuitive software is easy for your staff to learn and achieve high pick speeds with much higher accuracy. Most important for medium sized operations is the excellent support that we provide to our customers to ensure they realize the promise of a complex system like the Mobile Shelf. Our support is more like managed service with our people monitoring your operation and stepping in proactively when we identify a problem. Whether that is fixing a software or hardware problem, or just remotely providing coaching to your people how to use the system, we make your success in using the system our highest priority.

8837 Prime Robotics
8837 Prime Robotics

Prime Robotics
2650 E. 40th Avenue
Denver, CO 80205

Phone: 720-996-1092

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