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Inspekto Ltd

Inspekto Ltd

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Inspekto is a German technology company with Israeli DNA. It heralds a new era in machine vision with the introduction of the world's first Autonomous Machine Vision product, the Inspekto S70.

Traditional machine vision QA-inspection is expensive and dependent on
external consultants, experts and integrators. Planning and installing projects are time consuming and costly. Traditional systems are also restricted to a single point on the production line and susceptible to changes in light or vibrations.

In contrast, the Inspekto S70 system costs a tenth of its traditional counterpart.
Installation is intuitive and can be completed by non-experts in just 45 minutes, using 20 good samples only. Since launching in 2018 the S70 has taken global manufacturing market by storm and is already installed in plants at global leading companies including Bosch, Daimler, Schneider Electric, Pepsi-Co and BMW.

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Inspekto taking the manufacturing world by storm
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The INSPEKTO S70 is the world’s first autonomous machine vision system, replacing traditional machine vision and manual inspection with a completely new product category. Before the S70, manufacturers had to hire an external systems integrator to develop and build a hard-engineered vision solution over several months. In contrast, a plant’s own personnel can install an S70 in 30-45 minutes, for less than a tenth of the cost. It is suitable for any ...
Inspekto Ltd
24 Raoul Wallenberg Street
Tel Aviv, 69719

Phone: +41 225 017 692

Harel Boren


Inspekto S70 - the world's first autonomous machine vision product

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