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Plutomen Technologies Private LTD

Plutomen Technologies Private LTD

Booth #4077

Plutomen has more than 5 years of experience working in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality. We have exposure to Manufacturing, Utility, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Telecom and E-Commerce. We offer products & solutions across MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operations) and Training for above mentioned industries. Our Products:

Plutomen ARMS : AR/MR based Remote Assistance, SaaS based B2B focused platform for peer-to-peer collaboration of Field Service Engineers. It allows to intervene remotely, in real-time, carry out ordinary maintenance procedures or resolve technical failures. The platform can be used from preventive maintenance, inspection, Problem identification & Troubleshooting, On-the Job training, & quick fixes.

Plutomen V-Notes : AR/MR based Virtual Sticky Notes. It helps in tagging notes, images, and videos to a fixed object/location. It is very useful tool for Inspection, Audit, Visual Documentation of Workflow.


4077 Plutomen Technologies Private LTD
4077 Plutomen Technologies Private LTD

Plutomen Technologies Private LTD
8 Strathmore way
East Windsor, NJ 08520

Phone: 551 689 3672

Dhruv Gohel
Vice President
551 689 3672

Keyur Bhalavat
Co-Founder & CEO



Plutomen ARMS
Plutomen MachinARe
Plutomen VNotes

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